CBC Radio: Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol Disk 1 CD Track Listing

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CBC Radio Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol Disk 1
A Special CBC Radio Presentation of\n Charles Dickens'\nA Christmas Carol\n\nProduced by Judy Maddren\n\nFeaturing\nMichael Enright, Russ Germain, Judy Maddren, Bill Richardson,\nShelagh Rogers and the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir
This misc cd contains 7 tracks and runs 51min 31sec.
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  1. CBC Radio - Choir: In the Bleak Midwinter... Harold Darke (04:38)
  2. CBC Radio - First Reading: Michael Enright (11:36)
  3. CBC Radio - Choir: Silent Night... Franz Gruber (arr. John Rutter) (03:38)
  4. CBC Radio - Second Reading: Shelagh Rogers (11:31)
  5. CBC Radio - Choir: Rise Up, Shepard and Follow... (arr. John Rutter) (03:18)
  6. CBC Radio - Third Reading: Bill Richardson (12:27)
  7. CBC Radio - The Twelve Days of Christmas (arr. John Rutter) (04:18)

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