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Cat Stevens Catch Bull at Four (1972)
This misc cd contains 10 tracks and runs 39min 35sec.
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  1. Cat Stevens - Sitting (03:15)
    Oh I'm on my way I know I am, somewhere not so far from here \r\nAll Iknow is all I feel right now, I feel the power growing in my hair\r\nSitting on my own not by myself, everybody's here with me\r\nI don'tneed to touch your face lo know, and I don't nee
  2. Cat Stevens - The Boy with the Moon and Star on His Head (05:57)
    A gardener's daughter stopped me on my way on the day I was towed\r\nItis you who I wish to share my body with she said\r\nWe'll find a dryplace under the sky with a flower for a bed\r\nAnd for my joy I willgive you a boy with the moon and star on his he
  3. Cat Stevens - Angelsea (04:30)
    She moves like an angel\r\nAnd seven evening stars\r\nDance through thewindow\r\nOf her univenial house\r\n\r\nHer voice a crystal echo\r\nLies humming In your soul\r\nSo patiently awaiting\r\nFor your earsto behold\r\n\r\nShe ripples on the water\r\nLeav
  4. Cat Stevens - Silent Sunlight (03:00)
    Silent sunlight, welcome in\r\nThere is work I must now begin\r\nAllmydreams have blown away\r\nAnd the children wait to play\r\nThey's soonremember things to do\r\nWhen the heart is young\r\nAnd the nightisdone\r\nAnd the sky is blue.\r\nMorning songbird
  5. Cat Stevens - Can't Keep it In (02:59)
    Oh I can't keep it in can't keep it in \r\nI've gotta let itout.\r\nI've golta show the world, world's gotta see \r\nSee all thelove, love that's in meQI said \r\nWhy walk alone. Why worry when itswarm over here. \r\nYou've got so much to say, say what yo
  6. Cat Stevens - 18th Avenue - (Kansas City Nightmare) (04:23)
    Well I rode a while, for a mile or so\r\nDown the road to the eighteenthavenue\r\nAnd the people I saw were the people I know\r\nAnd they allcame down to take a view\r\nOh the path was dark and borderless\r\nDownthe road to the eighteenth avenue\r\nAnd it
  7. Cat Stevens - Freezing Steel (03:38)
    I've flown the house of freezing, the house of freezing steel\r\nAndthough my body's back I now it can't be real\r\n'Cause I've been on thathouse without a guiding wheel\r\nThe house of freezing steel\r\nWhen myeyes were weak from the light of the morning
  8. Cat Stevens - O Caritas (03:42)
    hunc ornatum mundi \r\nnolo perdere\r\nvideo flagrare\r\nomniares\r\naudioclamare\r\nhomines\r\nnune ettinguilur\r\nmund(i) elaslrorum lumen\r\nnuneconcipitur\r\nmay homenes crlmen\r\nIristitat(e)el lacrimis\r\ngnavis est dolor\r\nde lernaeque maribus\r\n
  9. Cat Stevens - Sweet Scarlet (03:47)
    Once she came into my room feathered hat an' all\r\nWearing a warm woolshawl wrapped around her shoulders\r\nTwo eyes like lights milky marblewhites looking up at me\r\nLooking for a way, Moons in an endlessday\r\nAll I knew was with her then, no couldn't
  10. Cat Stevens - Ruins (04:16)
    It's so quiet in the ruins walking through the old town\r\nStonescrumbling under my feet I see smoke for miles around\r\nOh it's enoughto make you weep, all that remains of the main street\r\nUp in the parkon Sunday dogs chasing and the children played\r\

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