Platters, The: Very Best of the Platters, The CD Track Listing

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Platters, The Very Best of the Platters, The (1991)
The Platters: Tony Williams, Herbert Reed, Paul Robi, \nDavid Lynch, Zola Taylor.\nThe original Platters, heard here, were an \nunprecedented success in the early days of \nrock and roll, racking up 11 top-20 hits \n(including four No. 1's) in just five years. \nInspired by classic harmony groups such \nas the Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots, \nthe Platters grew from humble beginnings \nin Los Angeles into a household name. \nThey were inducted into the Rock And Roll \nHall Of Fame in 1990.
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 33min 36sec.
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  1. Platters, The - Great Pretender, The (02:40)
  2. Platters, The - My Prayer (02:46)
  3. Platters, The - Magic Touch, The (02:29)
  4. Platters, The - On My Word Of Honor (02:44)
  5. Platters, The - Twilight Time (02:47)
  6. Platters, The - You'll Never Never Know (02:39)
  7. Platters, The - Only You (And You Alone) (02:37)
  8. Platters, The - I'm Sorry (02:53)
  9. Platters, The - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (02:40)
  10. Platters, The - If I Didn't Care (03:10)
  11. Platters, The - Enchanted (02:54)
  12. Platters, The - Harbor Lights (03:09)

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