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Richard N. Bell The Golden Years of WNTC (1977)
Richard Bell was my first WNTC "hero", a \nkindred spirit of "sicko production values"\nwho recruited, inspired and encouraged me to \nrefine my production skills, later introduced\nme to Jon Wolfert, which led to my making my \ncareer in the jingle industry. I am forever \ngrateful to him for that.\n There was magic in the air at WNTC, and\nRichard did a wonderful thing in 1977 by \ntaking the time to interview alumni, documen-\nting and assembling the audio snapshots to \ngive us a look at where we came from. It's \ngreat to hear us young again, and noble to \nhear our long-passed friends the way we \nremember them. So sit back, and enjoy us, \nlooking back at us.\n--Mark Holland, Dallas, February 2008.\n\n"This is not a complete history of WNTC \nfrom 1947 to date, but instead represents \na 'slice of time' - sort of a ten year audio \nscrapbook - comprised of interviews, airchecks \nand productions of the past unique to the \nstation and unique to college radio."\n--Richard N. Bell, April 1977
This misc cd contains 2 tracks and runs 52min 3sec.
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  1. Richard N. Bell - Part I (25:24)
    Part I covers the stations inception through the progressive rock era of the late 60s.
  2. Richard N. Bell - Part II (26:36)
    Part II covers the late 60s through the mid 70s, \nwith an update on station alumni status as of \n1977, the documentary's date.

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