Various Artists: Sirius [SIR001] CD Track Listing

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Various Artists Sirius [SIR001] (2003)
This misc cd contains 9 tracks and runs 69min 19sec.
Freedb: 8f103d09
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: Music



  1. Various Artists - Wizzy Noise - Flying in My Dreams (08:15)
    w+p mickey noise&uriel -greece- Published by copyright control
  2. Various Artists - Xerox-There is Another (Live version) (07:58)
    w+p mosh keinan guiter by arikzone -israel- licenced from hommega records. p+c mosh keinan
  3. Various Artists - Earthling -The Catalyst remix (07:42)
    w+p celli firmi&sase&freedy.k&alex. licenced from acidance records p+c celli firmi
  4. Various Artists - Fungus Funk - Yumi (08:03)
    w+p sergei Prilepa -russia-Published by copyright control
  5. Various Artists - Freaking - Carmen rmx (07:50)
    w+p zolotarenko victor -russia-Published by copyright control
  6. Various Artists - Paranormal Attack - What Have You Done? (06:29)
    w+p t Xangaii and Jaime -portogal- Published by copyright control
  7. Various Artists - Aerodance - Prihod 6'20 (07:51)
    w+p zolotarenko victor&xp voodoo -russia- Published by copyright control
  8. Various Artists - The Melovskys - Que Estan Fumando? (06:33)
    w+p Rodrigo Baills and Emilio Hernandez.Gtrs: Dr. Panic.-mexico-Published by copyright control
  9. Various Artists - Freaking - Obrigado (08:31)
    w+p zolotarenko victor -russia- Published by copyright control

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