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Phenomena Phenomena (The Complete Works)
Bronze 1985 (Remastered reissue by Escape Music 2006)Produced by Tom GalleyGuest musicians:Glenn Hughes, John Thomas, Don Airey, Ted McKenna, Tom Galley,Mel Galley, Richard Bailey, Neil Murray, Cozy Powell, Pete Green,Alison McGinnis, Robin Smith, Rick Saunders, Neil Willars,Paul Robbins, Merv Spence, Steve Bray
This misc cd contains 14 tracks and runs 62min 50sec.
Freedb: bc0eb80e
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  1. Phenomena - Kiss Of Fire (04:53)
    T. Galley-R. Bailey
  2. Phenomena - Still The Night (03:27)
    G. Hughes-P. Thrall-P. Delph
  3. Phenomena - Dance With The Devil (04:44)
    T. Galley-R. Bailey-M. Galley
  4. Phenomena - Phoenix Rising (04:44)
    T. Galley-R. Bailey-M. Galley
  5. Phenomena - Believe (05:53)
    R. Bailey-T. Galley
  6. Phenomena - Who's Watching You (03:41)
    T. Galley-M. Galley
  7. Phenomena - Hell On Wings (03:56)
    T. Galley-R. Bailey-M. Galley
  8. Phenomena - Twilight Zone (04:13)
    T. Galley-R. Bailey
  9. Phenomena - Phenomena (02:05)
    T. Galley-R. Bailey
  10. Phenomena - Still The Night (New Recording) (03:39)
    G. Hughes-P. Thrall-P. Delph
  11. Phenomena - Karma (05:21)
    H. Lucas
  12. Phenomena - Coming Back Strong (First Ever Phenomena Rehearsal) (04:36)
    T. Galley-R. Bailey-M. Galley
  13. Phenomena - Assassins Of The Night (First Ever Phenomena Rehearsal) (05:30)
    T. Galley-R. Bailey-M. Galley
  14. Phenomena - Phoenix Rising (First Ever Phenomena Rehearsal) (06:00)
    T. Galley-R. Bailey-M. Galley

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