Missy Raines: My Place in the Sun CD Track Listing

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Missy Raines My Place in the Sun (1998)
Missy Raines: bass\nJim Hurst: guitar\nSee track notes for other performers.\nRecorded and mixed by Ben Surratt at Hilltop Studios, Nashville US-TN.\nProduced by Missy Raines and Ben Surratt.\nCD: MR Records CD 1001 (1998).
This misc cd contains 11 tracks and runs 38min 43sec.
Freedb: 8f09110b
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  1. Missy Raines - Prelude (01:00)
    (Missy Raines)\nSteve Smith: mandolin, mandocello, mandola\nMissy Raines: bass
  2. Missy Raines - Whiskerhead Goes to Leningrad (03:46)
    (Missy Raines/Steve Smith/Jim Hurst)\nSteve Smith: mandolin, mandocello, mandola\nRandy Howard: fiddle\nMichael McLain: banjo\nJim Hurst: guitar\nJeff Lisenby: accordion\nMissy Raines: bass
  3. Missy Raines - Levels (03:47)
    (Missy Raines/Jim Hurst)\nJim Hurst: guitar\nMissy Raines: bass\nPat McInerny: drums
  4. Missy Raines - Just for a Thrill (03:17)
    (Don Raye)\nEugene Wolf: vocal\nTom McBryde: piano\nMissy Raines: bass
  5. Missy Raines - Reedology (04:25)
    (Jerry Reed)\nJim Hurst: nylon string guitar\nMissy Raines: bass
  6. Missy Raines - You Don't Have to Move That Mountain (02:42)
    (Keith Whitley)\nSuzanne Thomas: vocal\nRandy Howard: fiddle\nJim Hurst: guitar\nMissy Raines: bass
  7. Missy Raines - Nashville Skyline Rag (02:38)
    (Bob Dylan)\nRandy Howard: fiddle\nMichael McLain: banjo\nJim Hurst: guitar\nMissy Raines: bass
  8. Missy Raines - Jersey Bounce (02:14)
    (Bobby Platter/Tiny Bradshaw/Edward Johnson)\nBill Evans: banjo\nMissy Raines: bass (left channel)\nTom Gray: bass (right channel)\nPat McInerny: drums
  9. Missy Raines - Travelin' Down This Lonesome Road (03:20)
    (Bill Monroe)\nRoland White: mandolin\nJason Carter: fiddle\nJim Hurst: guitar, vocal\nMissy Raines: bass, vocal
  10. Missy Raines - Silver Lake (05:38)
    (Missy Raines/Fred Boyce)\nJim Hoke: saxes\nJim Hurst: guitar\nMissy Raines: bass\nPat McInerny: drums, percussion
  11. Missy Raines - Bells of Norfolk (05:50)
    (Missy Raines/Ed Snodderly)\nEd Snodderly: mandolas\nMissy Raines: bass, arco bass

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