Dennis DeYoung: The Music of Styx Live with Symphony Orchestra - Disc 2 of 2 CD Track Listing

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Dennis DeYoung The Music of Styx Live with Symphony Orchestra - Disc 2 of 2 (2004)
The Music of Styx Live with Symphony Orchestra - Disc 2 of 2\nDennis DeYoung\n2004 Grand Illusion Music\n\nOriginally Released October 5, 2004\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Recorded in Chicago in 2003, former Styx lead singer Dennis DeYoung returns to his hometown for a two-disc session filled with Styx's finest moments backed by a symphony orchestra. DeYoung performs all of the most memorable hits and his voice hasn't lost a step. There are also classical pieces from Mozart and Debussy intermittently planted about throughout the program. Diehard fans of Styx will no doubt enjoy this, but casual fans would be better served picking up a greatest-hits compilation to hear the band in its full sonic glory. -- Rob Theakston\n\nAmazon.com Album Description\nDennis DeYoung , singer, songwriter, keyboardist and founding member of Styx presents The Music of Styx with Symphony Orchestra, recorded live at the Historic Chicago Theatre. The Music of Styx with Symphony Orchestra features Dennis DeYoung with a 40 Piece Symphony Orchestra and special guest the Voices of the Chicago Childrens Choir. This 2 CD set is a retrospective of Dennis De Young's career and includes 3 brand new songs. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nHave an Open Mind, May 23, 2005\nReviewer: J. McClung "heeeresjohnny" (New York) \nI have to admit it, as a long time Styx fan who discovered the band during their Grand Illusion tour in 1977, I wasn't really planning on liking this CD for two reasons; \n1) I am firmly in the "Tommy Shaw Rules" camp, \n2) There really is enough "live" Styx music out there to last a lifetime. \n\nBut, between Dennis' vocals, which seem to have gotten even better with time and the excellent performance of this backup band/orchestra/choir, this CD really sounds great. \n\nI was expecting a wimpy Broadway-sounding version of Styx songs, but the quality of the musicians and the arrangement of the songs took me by surprise. They are fresh and clean with a Rock and Roll edge provided by the very capable lead guitarist (sorry, Tommy). I wish there was a DVD available for this performance. \n\nHighlights: "Castle Walls" (rare performance), "Show Me The Way" accopella (sp?) version, "Black Wall". "Suite Madame Blue" and "Come Sail Away". Put this in your cars' CD player and crank it, you won't be disappointed-highly recommended for true Styx fans.\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nAlbum Credits\nDennis DeYoung, Producer\n\nAlbum Notes\nComposers: Arnie Ruth; Josephine Leigh.\n\nPersonnel: Dennis DeYoung (vocals, keyboards); Rick Snyder (vocals, keyboards); Hank Horton (vocals, bass instrument); Mike Eldred, Dawn Marie Feusi (vocals); Tommy Dziallo (guitar); Kyle Woodring (drums, percussion); Suzanne DeYoung (background vocals).\n\nRecording information: Historic Chicago Theatre, Chicago, Illinois (04/04/2003).
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 64min 38sec.
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  1. Dennis DeYoung - Mr. Roboto (05:23)
  2. Dennis DeYoung - Rockin The Paradise (04:12)
  3. Dennis DeYoung - Intro - Black Wall (01:00)
  4. Dennis DeYoung - Black Wall (06:38)
  5. Dennis DeYoung - Desert Moon (06:56)
  6. Dennis DeYoung - With Every Heart Beat (05:40)
  7. Dennis DeYoung - Suite Madam Blue (07:52)
  8. Dennis DeYoung - Best Of Times (07:41)
  9. Dennis DeYoung - Intro - Come Sail Away (01:40)
  10. Dennis DeYoung - Come Sail Away (08:06)
  11. Dennis DeYoung - My God (04:52)
  12. Dennis DeYoung - Goodnight My Love (04:30)

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