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Faith No More Angel Dust (1992)
YEAR: 1992
This misc cd contains 13 tracks and runs 58min 50sec.
Freedb: bc0dc80d
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  1. Faith No More - Land of Sunshine (03:44)
    \\\n\\\nYou have a winning way, \\\nso keep it\\\nYour future\\\nYou are an angel heading \\\nfor a land of sunshine\\\nAnd fortune is smiling upon you\\\nPrepare for a series of a comfortablemiracles\\\nFrom fasting to feasting\\\nAnd life to you is a da
  2. Faith No More - Caffeine (04:28)
    \\\n\\\nPour shame all over us\\\nHarden into a crust\\\n- - - cement - - -\\\nForget the glamour and\\\nMumble a jackhammer\\\n- - - under your breath - - -\\\nHide your face in the curtains\\\nBetter unsaid, so close\\\nAnd it rolls off the tongue\\\nAL
  3. Faith No More - MidLife Crisis (04:23)
    \\\n\\\nGo on and wring my neck\\\nLike when a rag gets wet\\\nA little discipline\\\nFor my pet genius\\\nMy head is like lettuce\\\nGo on dig yourthumbs in\\\nI cannot stop giving\\\nI'm thirty-something\\\n\\\nSense of security\\\nLike pockets jingling
  4. Faith No More - RV (03:43)
    \\\n\\\nBackside melts into a sofa\\\nMy world, my TV, and my food\\\nBesides listening to my belly gurgle\\\nAin't much else to do\\\nYeah, I sweat a lot\\\nPants fall down every time I bendover\\\nAnd my feet itch\\\nYeah-I married a scarecrow\\\nI hate
  5. Faith No More - Smaller And Smaller (05:11)
    \\\n\\\nDrought makes the workers dream\\\nMuscles and fields of green\\\nShovel the last few crumbs\\\nOf generosity\\\nOpen heart, open mind, open mouth, open vein\\\nDRAIN\\\nSomeday the rains will come\\\nMy blistered hands tell me\\\nTomorrow, Tomorr
  6. Faith No More - Everything's Ruined (04:33)
    \\\n\\\nThings worked out better than we have planned\\\nCapital from boy, woman and man\\\nWe're like ink and paper\\\nNumberson a calculator\\\nKnew arithmetic so well\\\nWorking overtime\\\nCompleted what was assigned\\\nWe had to multiply ourselves\\\
  7. Faith No More - Malpractice (04:02)
    \\\n\\\nThe crowd roars\\\nIt's deep and so unhealthy\\\nThe rest you know\\\nI'll feel the hands that felt me\\\nCold hands\\\nYour hands\\\nCover my mouth\\\nWhile I'm staring into bright lights\\\nAPPLAUSE\\\nThe crowd roars\\\nThe rest you know\\\nTen
  8. Faith No More - Kindergarten (04:31)
    \\\n\\\nReturn to my own vomit like a dog\\\nRhymes and gigglesmuffle the dialogue\\\nCarve my initials in a tree, I will never leave\\\nMaybeone day I'll be royalty\\\nKingdom, kindergarten\\\nBorn late, will Igraduate?\\\nDrinking fountains are shorter
  9. Faith No More - Be Aggressive (03:42)
    s mine\\\nThat's plain to see\\\nSo give it up\\\nI've got to have\\\nI SWALLOW, I SWALLOW, \\\nI SWALLOW, I SWALLOW\\\nBe aggressive\\\nB-e aggresive\\\nB-e a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e\\\n\\\nWhat someone else\\\nWould leave behind\\\nAnd spit it out, let's go t
  10. Faith No More - A Small Victory (04:57)
    \\\n\\\nA hierarchy\\\nSpread out on the nightstand\\\nThe spirit of team\\\nSalvation is another chance\\\nA sore loser\\\nYelling with my mouth shut\\\nA cracking portrait\\\nThe fondling of the trophies\\\nThe null of losing\\\nCan you afford that luxu
  11. Faith No More - Crack Hitler (04:39)
    \\\n\\\nSink the eight ball\\\nBuy the lady a drink\\\nAnd nobody knows my name\\\nBodies float up\\\nFrom the bottom of the river\\\nLike bubbles infine champagne\\\nHe's the one, no doubt\\\nWalkin' on a tightrope\\\nHe's the one, no doubt\\\nGot a gash
  12. Faith No More - Jizzlobber (06:38)
    \\\n\\\nThey will sum it all up in a sentence\\\nA verdict made by thosewho know\\\nI'm ready to make a commitment\\\nI'm willing to make loveto concrete\\\nSmiles, bruises\\\nSmiles, bruises\\\nBars in the womb\\\nIhide the dirty minutes under my dirty m
  13. Faith No More - Midnight Cowboy (04:11)

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