Orbital: Work 1989 - 2002 CD Track Listing

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Orbital Work 1989 - 2002 (2002)
Compilation of new and old Orbital tracks and a couple never released before.\n[This is a correction of an earlier database entrythat had typos init] YEAR: 2002
This misc cd contains 14 tracks and runs 70min 10sec.
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  1. Orbital - Chime (7" Single Version) (03:17)
    Chime [7" Single Version 1990]\nWritten and produced by P&P Hartnoll.\n(P)2002 Internal Records
  2. Orbital - Choice (Original Version) (05:35)
    Choice [Original Version 1991 Crucifix Vocal US Hardcore Punk]\nWritten and produced by P&P Hartnoll.\nVocal by Crucifix\n(P)2002 FFRR
  3. Orbital - Illuminate (Short Version) (03:50)
    Illuminate [Short Version (previously unreleased) 2001]\nWritten by DavidGray and P&P Hartnoll. Produced by P&P Hartnoll.\nLyrics written and performed by David Gray. Backing vocals by Clune.\nRecorded and mixed at TheStrongroom. Mixed by Dave Pemberton a
  4. Orbital - Satan Spawn Feat.Metallica's Kirk Hammett (03:47)
    Satan Spawn [Re-recorded for the movie Spawn with Metallica's Kirk Hammett 1997]\nWritten and produced by P&P Hartnoll. Additional production by Graeme Revell.\nGuitars by Kirk Hammett; Kirt Hammett appears courtesy ofE/M Venturea.\nTaken from the'Spawn'O
  5. Orbital - Nothing Left (Short Version) (03:45)
    Nothing Left [Short Version 1999]\nWritten and produced by P&P Hartnoll.\nVocals: Alison Goldfrapp.\nMixed and additional production by Micky Mann.\n(P)1999 London Records 90 Ltd.
  6. Orbital - Halcyon (7") (03:55)
    Halcyon [7" 1993]\nWritten by E. Barton and P&P Hartnoll.\nProduced by P&P Hartnoll.\nContains a sample of 'It's a Fine Day' performed by Opus IIIlicensed courtesy of PWL International.\n(P)2002 London Records 90 Ltd.
  7. Orbital - Impact (USA Version) (11:24)
    Impact [USA Version 1993]\nWritten and produced by P&P Hartnoll.\n(P)2002Internal Records
  8. Orbital - Are We Here? (Industry Standard? Version) (03:50)
    Are We Here? [Industry Standard? Version 1994]\nWritten and produced by P&P Hartnoll.\nVocals by Alison Goldfrapp\n(P)2000 London Records 90 Ltd.
  9. Orbital - Style (Single Version) (04:07)
    Style [Single Version 1999]\nWritten by Bell, Clarke and P&P Hartnoll. Produced by P&P Hartnoll.\nMixed and additional production by Micky Mann. Cut by Kevin Metcalf.\nFeatures a sample from 'Oh L'Amour' performed by Dollar.\n(P)2002 FFRR
  10. Orbital - The Box (Single Version) (04:17)
    The Box [Single Version 1996]\nWritten and produced by P&P Hartnoll.\nVocals by Grant Fulton & Alison Goldfrapp.\nLive drummingby Clune.\n(P)2002London Records 90 Ltd.
  11. Orbital - Frenetic (Previously unreleased) (04:09)
    Frenetic [Previously unreleased]\nWritten and produced by P&P Hartnoll.\nAdditional production by Nick Smith.\nLyrics writtenand performed byLisa Billson.\n(P)2002 London Records 90 Ltd.
  12. Orbital - Lush 3.1 (Original Version) (05:57)
    Lush 3.1 [Original Version 1993]\nWritten and produced by P&P Hartnoll.\n(P)1993 Internal Records
  13. Orbital - Funny Break (Single Version) (03:59)
    Funny Break [Single Version 2001]\nWritten by A. Bramley, N. Bedford andP&P Hartnoll. Produced by P&P Hartnoll.\nExtra production by Mickey Mann.\nLyrics written by Naomi Bedford & Andrew Bramley. Vocal performed byNaomi Bedford.\n(P)2001 London Records 9
  14. Orbital - Belfast (Original Version) (08:08)
    Belfast [Original Version 1991]\nWritten by Hildegard, P&P Hartnoll andPage.\nProduced by P&P Hartnoll.\nExtract from 'O Euchari' - Performed by Emily Van Evera. Used courtesy of Hyperion Records.\n(P)1991 InternalRecords

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