Bob Dylan: 3-6-01 Kosei-Nenkin Hall, Osaka JP 1of2 CD Track Listing

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Bob Dylan 3-6-01 Kosei-Nenkin Hall, Osaka JP 1of2
This is disc 1 of 2. This is provided to aid the burning of CD TEXT CDRs. Simply remove the disc/track\nnumbers at the beginning of each track title in the compilation window, they are there to correctly order\nthe tracks.\n\nThis is not for the use of bootleggers and not particularly for the use of converting to mp3 to be distributed, \nbut that is out of my hands.\n\nThere is a bit of info in the Extended Track Info section.\n\nPeace
This misc cd contains 9 tracks and runs 57min 1sec.
Freedb: 600d5b09
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  1. Bob Dylan - 11Oh Babe, It Ain't no Lie (03:54)
  2. Bob Dylan - 12To Ramona (05:04)
    acoustic, Larry on Mando
  3. Bob Dylan - 13Its Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (07:45)
  4. Bob Dylan - 14Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (06:44)
  5. Bob Dylan - 15Tears of Rage (08:15)
  6. Bob Dylan - 16Watching the River Flow (05:48)
    Larry on steel guitar
  7. Bob Dylan - 17My Back Pages (06:27)
    acoustic, bob on harp and larry on fiddle
  8. Bob Dylan - 18Mama, You Been on My Mind (04:51)
  9. Bob Dylan - 19Tangled Up in Blue (08:07)

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