ApologetiX: Isn't Wasn't Ain't CD Track Listing

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ApologetiX Isn't Wasn't Ain't
This misc cd contains 20 tracks and runs 72min 54sec.
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  1. ApologetiX - Isn't Wasn't Ain't [Parody of 'Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's Just a Woman)' by Led Zeppelin] (02:31)
  2. ApologetiX - David and Goliath [Parody of 'Paperback Writer' by the Beatles] (02:29)
  3. ApologetiX - Lions [Parody of 'Signs' by Five Man Electrical Band and Tesla] (03:39)
  4. ApologetiX - Patients [Parody of 'Patience' by Guns n' Roses] (05:42)
  5. ApologetiX - Help Me, Rhoda [Parody of 'Help Me Rhonda' by the Beach Boys] (02:38)
  6. ApologetiX - That Daughter [Parody of 'Black Water' by the Doobie Brothers] (04:08)
  7. ApologetiX - Little Esther [Parody of 'Little Sister' by Elvis Presley] (03:03)
  8. ApologetiX - Don't Try [Parody of 'Don't Cry' by Guns n' Roses] (04:17)
  9. ApologetiX - I Found the Answer There [Parody of 'I Saw Her Standing There' by the Beatles] (02:56)
  10. ApologetiX - Be Like David Was [Parody of 'Feel Like Makin' Love' by Bad Company] (04:39)
  11. ApologetiX - Ain't That a Miracle [Parody of 'Pink Houses' by John Cougar Mellencamp] (04:28)
  12. ApologetiX - God I Like About You [Parody of 'What I Like About You' by the Romantics] (02:50)
  13. ApologetiX - Faith Pt. 2 [Parody of 'Faith' by George Michael] (02:37)
  14. ApologetiX - Christians Doin' Music [Parody of 'Listen to the Music' by the Doobie Brothers] (03:28)
  15. ApologetiX - What is and Will Forever Be [Parody of 'What is What Should Never Be' by Led Zeppelin] (04:51)
  16. ApologetiX - Matthew 9 [Parody of 'I Feel Fine' by the Beatles] (02:22)
  17. ApologetiX - Mrs. Protestant [Parody of 'Mrs. Robinson' by Simon & Garfunkel] (03:35)
  18. ApologetiX - He Really Got Mad [Parody of 'You Really Got Me' by the Kinks and Van Halen] (02:52)
  19. ApologetiX - Love Ain't Nothin' [Parody of 'Long Train Runnin' by the Doobie Brothers] (03:34)
  20. ApologetiX - Verynice City [Parody of 'Paradise City' by Guns n' Roses] (06:02)

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