7th Order: "The Lake of Memory" audio & video promo (full) CD Track Listing

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7th Order "The Lake of Memory" audio & video promo (full)
produced by 7th Order\nassisted by Martin Pugh, Geoff Thorpe, Dan Miller\nengineers: Dan Miller, Steve Vertel, Tom Morgan\nrecorded in Seattle, WA and Hilo, Hawaii\n"100 Year Rain" recorded live on Seattle TV\nall songs: 2003-06@7th Order Songs ASCAP\n2008@Big Island Sounds - all rights reserved
This misc cd contains 8 tracks and runs 48min 34sec.
Freedb: 600b6008
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  1. 7th Order - Hats Off (04:35)
  2. 7th Order - Throwing Fate The Slip (02:45)
  3. 7th Order - The Lake of Memory (07:40)
  4. 7th Order - Lazarus (04:49)
  5. 7th Order - Force of Nature Comes Down (03:40)
  6. 7th Order - Road to Yerevan (08:05)
  7. 7th Order - 100 Year Rain (02:48)
  8. 7th Order - 7th Order - WNTI radio interview (14:08)

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