Front Line Assembly: Tactical Neural Implant CD Track Listing

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Front Line Assembly Tactical Neural Implant (1992)
All titles written by Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber\nProduction and Programming: F.L.A.\nEngineering and Additional Production: Greg Reely\nAssistant Engineer: Mike Landolt\nProgramming Facility: F.L.A.\nHQ Recording: Creation Studios, Vancouver, B.C.\nTechnical Advisors: Bryon Low, Chris Bryant\nLive Assault Assistance: Chris Peterson\nFront Line Assembly: Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber\nArt/Design: Dave Coppenhall\n\n\n(C) 1992 Third Mind Records - TMD 9188\n\nContact F.L.A. at\n407-1455 Robson Street\nVancouver, B.C. Canada V6G 1C1\n\n(P) (C) 1992 Third Mind Records\n225 Lafayette Street\nSuite 407\nNew York City, NY 10012 YEAR: 1992
This misc cd contains 8 tracks and runs 45min 6sec.
Freedb: 600a9008
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  1. Front Line Assembly - Final Impact (06:03)
    nA shrouded mortal \nBleeds all day \n(Chorus) \n(Chorus)
  2. Front Line Assembly - The Blade (05:50)
  3. Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser (05:03)
    of the art destructive capabilities"
  4. Front Line Assembly - Remorse (05:46)
    \nNo second chance \n(Chorus)
  5. Front Line Assembly - Bio-Mechanic (05:26)
    uption" \nIn God we trust \nIn God we trust
  6. Front Line Assembly - Outcast (05:22)
    for you.... \n(Chorus) \n"And even though he was crazy, Go now!"
  7. Front Line Assembly - Gun (06:22)
    all \n"Sworn enemy of all the human race"
  8. Front Line Assembly - Lifeline (05:08)
    s deep \n(Chorus) \n(Chorus) \n"There were no survivors"

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