Reginald Dixon: World of Wurlitzer CD Track Listing

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Reginald Dixon World of Wurlitzer
This misc cd contains 20 tracks and runs 59min 57sec.
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  1. Reginald Dixon - You can't stop me from dreaming, Little old lady, Whispers in the dark (03:02)
  2. Reginald Dixon - Horsey horsey, Afraid to dream, Goodnight to you all (02:51)
  3. Reginald Dixon - The music goes round and round, Lights out, Take me back to my boots and saddle (02:56)
  4. Reginald Dixon - When the poppies bloom again, I dream of San Marino, I'm in a dancing mood (02:59)
  5. Reginald Dixon - In the chapel in the moonlight, The way you look tonight, When a lady meets a gentleman down south (02:40)
  6. Reginald Dixon - When I'm with you, A fine romance, Sing baby sing (03:00)
  7. Reginald Dixon - Did your mother come from Ireland, When did you leave heaven, Oh! my goodness (03:01)
  8. Reginald Dixon - It looks like rain in cherry blossom, The greatest mistake of my life, Wake up and live (03:05)
  9. Reginald Dixon - Is it true what they say about dixie, Sweetheart lets grow old together, The touch of your lips (03:06)
  10. Reginald Dixon - Bells across the meadow (03:04)
  11. Reginald Dixon - Music maestro please, Little lady make believe (03:01)
  12. Reginald Dixon - Lost, Lovely lady, The glory of love (03:01)
  13. Reginald Dixon - Sally, Love is everywhere, Looking on the bright side (03:00)
  14. Reginald Dixon - Smile when you say goodbye, When I grow too old to dream, Sing as we go (02:53)
  15. Reginald Dixon - The desert song, Deep in my heart dear, Dream lover (03:04)
  16. Reginald Dixon - Laughing Irish eyes, It's a sin to tell a lie, Beach at Bali-bali (02:59)
  17. Reginald Dixon - At the cafe continental, Empty saddles, A pretty girl is like a melody (03:03)
  18. Reginald Dixon - You're here you're there, Ten pretty girls, Love is good for anything that ails you (03:04)
  19. Reginald Dixon - Marital moments no. 1 (Colonel Bogey) (02:57)
  20. Reginald Dixon - Marital moments no. 2 with sword (interpolating namur) (02:58)

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