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Poco Ghost Town + Inamorata (1982)
''Ghost Town'' originally Released 1982\n''Inamorata'' originally Released 1984\nCD Edition for This compilation released December 12, 1995\nCD Edition for ''Ghost Town'' released April 19, 2005 (Wounded Bird Records)\nCD Edition for ''Inamorata'' released April 19, 2005 (Wounded Bird Records)\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: (''Ghost Town'') While it's nowhere near on par with the Poco of the late '60s and '70s, Ghost Town is surprisingly polished, AOR-friendly classic rock with a country tinge. Very similar in warmth and production values to the Eagles (a group which Poco member Timothy B. Schmit would eventually join), the songs are pleasant but easily forgettable in comparison to the rest of their catalog. Moments like the eponymous title track, "How Will You Feel Tonight" and "Shoot for the Moon" offer glimpses of the band's glory years, but the rest of the album fades into the "classic rock" mists from whence it came. -- Rob Theakston\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: (''Inamorata'') Two years after the disaster of the Ghost Town tour that nearly broke up the band Poco regrouped as a duo with Paul Cotton and Rusty Young, though you wouldn't be able to tell that from the long list of guest musicians who are credited in the album's liner notes. Armed with an armada of fresh ideas and a bright new overly chorused synthesizer, Poco all but abandons their country-rock roots in favor of a reverb heavy electronic drum kit, bright synths and production that has not aged well. Even guest appearances by Poco alumni Timothy B. Schmit and Zappa drummer Vinnie Colaiuta can't save the group from serving up a lackluster and forgettable ten-song offering, which would prove to be the group's swan song until their reunion in 1989. -- Rob Theakston\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review (''Compilation'')\nIn support of Brenda X, March 11, 2005\nReviewer: Stephen W. Low (Nelson, Nelson New Zealand)\nWhat a great contribution Poco have made over the years to music. \nWhile some of their albums have been patchy, the highs have been up there in the stars. These two albums were average on balance but I have to come out in support of the song Brenda X, mercilessly panned by a former reviewer. I love Paul Cotton's work and this track is straight from the heart, a real goose-bump ride. The rural metaphor is superb in this ode to true love. And the music . . . I just love that backgroud synthesiser \nthat frames this minor key all American opus. It sends chills down my spine. Right down here in the South Pacific, that song lives. Straight out of heaven . . .\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review (''Compilation'')\nPut this horse out to pasture!!!, April 11, 2004\nReviewer: A music fan\nPoco's career highlights include some of the finest albums released in the country-rock genre. These two are not among them. The band had run out of steam by this point, and these discs - especially INAMORATA - represent feeble efforts to gain AOR pop stardom. The few bright spots here are included on the ULTIMATE COLLECTION. You can sleep well without wasting $100 or more on a copy of this turkey. There's a reason this one's out of print!\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review (''Compilation'')\nPOCO Purists May Not Like It, April 30, 2001\nReviewer: C. Kuschel-Toerber "Christian Kuschel" (Foehren, Germany) \nTwo complete (and sadly overlooked) albums on CD - this great POCO release is well worth checking out. Recorded in 1982 and 1984 these two albums highlight the craftmenship of POCO's original members Rusty Young and Paul Cotton.\nWhile singer/songwriter and steel guitar player Rusty Young shines on some wonderful ballads ("This Old Flame" is great and "When Worlds Collide" should have been a huge hit), singer & guitarist Paul Cotton heads into rockier waters here. The bitter track "Days Gone by" will just blow your ears out, it's THAT good. Not all of the 20 tracks are in the same league (Brenda X is plainly awful and two or three other songs don't go anywhere), but that leaves you with at least 17 Counrtry/Rock masterpieces.\n\nPOCO purists will probably hate both original albums and snub at this CD, but anybody looking for some great music should not hesitate to order this bargain!\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review (''Compilation'')\nPaul Cotton becomes an artist, February 3, 2000\nReviewer: Syl Nathan (Flushing, NY USA) \nWhat listeners failed to realize at the time these albums were released (what few that paid attention) is that Paul Cotton, as a songwriter and recording artist, was outgrowing the oppressive country-rock leanings of Poco. It's on these tracks that he really became a truly great artist of the rock era.\nCotton's songwriting reflects a male's romantic heart better than anyone I have ever heard (I'm a musician and recording artist myself, albeit not close to Mr. Cotton's stature). His odes to love on tunes such as "Days Gone By" (incredible arrangement here) are so obviously heartfelt that they leave the realm of pop music and become true art, professionally crafted but always earnest and emotionally riveting.\n\nI wholeheartedly recommend the "Inamorata" portion of this CD (though "Ghost Town" is fine as well), and also Cotton's only released solo CD to date, "Changing Horses" on the Sisapa label (extremely hard to find). This is some of Poco's finest work, and if you can stand songs of sorrow, lust, and yearning instead of hoedowns, you owe it to our self to check the tracks out ... cheap at THREE TIMES the price.\n\nAnd one more point: Rusty Young isn't in the Guitar Player Hall of Fame for nothing!\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review (''Ghost Town'')\nPoco is always worth a listen...., April 26, 2005 \nReviewer: Garry Daniel (Knoxville, TN United States)\nThis was the first album Poco did for Atlantic and it was not bad at all. This was the same line up that started Poco's commercial streak in 1978 on the Legend album, and, given the band's penchant for playing personnel musical chairs, it was amazing they stuck together this long. I must have been one of the few who bought this album when it was released on vinyl, and I never had cause to regret it. Songs such as Who Will You Be Tonight only confirmed my belief that no matter who is in the line up, Poco was always capable of making very good (and most of the time, excellent) music.There are other great tunes, such as Shoot for the Moon, and the instrumental High Sierra. So,give this album a chance. And while you're at it, pick up thier latest studio release, Running Horse. If you have the slightest interest in Poco, or simply lost track of them after Legend,give Ghost Town a listen. If this is your type of music, you will not regret it. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review (''Inamorata'')\nWhat does "Inamorata" mean, April 20, 2005 \nReviewer: Mitchell Howard (Auckland NZ)\nAn interesting album from Poco, more diverse than Ghost Town which it was paired with in the original CD release, more modern (80's)productions and some damn good songs. But really I think the fire was pretty much starting to flicker at this point. Richie Furay and Timothy B Schmit are both listed in the credits and you can certainly hear them on track 1 "Days Gone By" which is good Poco in the Ghost Town, Legend era. An excellent and emotive version of Rick Nelson's "This Old Flame" and a couple of other good things like Paul Cotton's "Odd Man Out", but some of the albums songs start to drag, like "Brenda X". Apart from the re-union album of the original Poco "Legacy", this was it until "Running Horse", which I listened to again the other day and it grows on you. A better album than Inamorata. Buy it if you are a Poco nut and I believe there are plenty of us out there. If you a casual Country Rock fan, The Essential Collection or Cantamos, Indian Summer are the place to start. \n\nHalf.com Details \nContributing artists: Buell Neidlinger \n\nAlbum Notes\n2 LPS on 1 CD: GHOST TOWN (1982)/INAMORATA (1984).\n\nGHOST TOWN personnel includes: Rusty Young (vocals, guitar, pedal steel); Paul Cotton (vocals, guitar); Harry Bluestone (concertmaster); Denise Subotnic (viola); Armand Kaproff (cello); Buell Neidinger (acoustic bass); Phil Kenzie (saxophone); Kim Bullard (keyboards, vocals); Charlie Harrison (bass, vocals); Stephen Chapman (drums); Steve Forman (percussion).\n\nProducers: Poco, John Mills.\nEngineers: John Mills, Dave Marquette.\nRecorded at Soundcastle Recording Studios, Silverlake, California. Originally released on Atlantic (80008).\n\nAll songs written by Rusty Young or Paul Cotton.\n\nINAMORATA personnel: Paul Cotton, Rusty Young (vocals, guitar); Richie Furay, Tim Schmit, George Grantham (vocals); George Doering (guitar); Kim Bullard, Richard Gibbs, Randy Kerber (keyboards); Neil Stubenhaus (bass); Stephen Chapman, Vince Colaiuta, Steve Foreman (drums, percussion).\n\nProducers: Rusty Young, Paul Cotton.\nEngineer: Joe Chiccarelli.\nOriginally released on Atlantic (80148).\n\nAll songs written by Paul Cotton or Rusty Young except "This Old Flame" (Reed Neilson).\n\nGHOST TOWN & INAMORATA reissue producer: Gary Peterson.\nGHOST TOWN & INAMORATA includes liner notes by Barry Alfonso.\n\nThis is part of Rhino's Atlantic & Atco Remasters Series.\n
This misc cd contains 20 tracks and runs 74min 2sec.
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  1. Poco - Ghost Town (05:42)
  2. Poco - How Will You Feel Tonight (03:38)
  3. Poco - Shoot For The Moon (02:48)
  4. Poco - The Midnight Rodeo (02:39)
  5. Poco - Cry No More (03:33)
  6. Poco - Break Of Hearts (04:28)
  7. Poco - Love's So Cruel (03:02)
  8. Poco - Special Care (02:43)
  9. Poco - When Hearts Collide (03:33)
  10. Poco - High Sierra (03:46)
  11. Poco - Days Gone By (03:50)
  12. Poco - This Old Flame (03:02)
  13. Poco - Daylight (03:55)
  14. Poco - Odd Man Out (03:06)
  15. Poco - How Many Moons (04:32)
  16. Poco - When You Love Someone (04:03)
  17. Poco - Brenda X (03:38)
  18. Poco - Standing In The Fire (03:46)
  19. Poco - Save A Corner Of Your Heart (03:41)
  20. Poco - The Storm (04:26)

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