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Yes Highlights The Very Best Of (1993)
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 66min 20sec.
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  1. Yes - Survival-1969 (06:20)
    \\r\n\\r\nSunshine is creeping in\\r\nAnd somewhere in a field a life begins.\\r\nAn egg too proud to rape\\r\nThe beginning of the shape of things to come\\r\nThat start to run, life has begun, fly fast the gun.\\r\nThemother flew too late\\r\nAnd life w
  2. Yes - Time And A Word-1970 (04:30)
    \\r\n\\r\nIn the morning when you rise,\\r\nDo you open up your eyes, see what I see?\\r\nDo you see the same things ev'ry day?\\r\nDo you think of a way to start the day\\r\nGetting things in proportion?\\r\nSpread the news and help the world go 'round.\
  3. Yes - Starchip Trooper-1970 (09:25)
    a. Life Seeker\\r\n\\r\n\\r\nSister Bluebird flying high above,\\r\nShine your wings forward to the sun.\\r\nHide the myst'ries of life on your way.\\r\nThough you've seen them, please don't say a word.\\r\nWhat you don't know, I have never heard.\\r\n\\r
  4. Yes - I've Seen All Good People- (06:54)
    a. Your Move\\r\n\\r\nI've seen all good people turn their heads each day\\r\nso satisfied I'm on my way.\\r\nI've seen all good people turn their heads each day\\r\nso satisfied I'm on my way.\\r\n\\r\nTake a straightand stronger course to the corner of
  5. Yes - Roundabout-1971 (08:32)
    \\r\n\\r\nI'll be the round about\\r\nThe words will make you out 'n' out\\r\nYou change the day your way\\r\nCall it morning driving thru the sound and\\r\nIn and out the valley\\r\n\\r\nThe music dance and sing\\r\nThey make the children really ring\\r\
  6. Yes - Long Distance Runaround-1971 (03:31)
    \\r\n\\r\nLong distance runaround\\r\nLong time waiting to feel the sound\\r\nI still remember the dream there\\r\nI still remember the timeyou said goodbye\\r\nDid we really tell lies\\r\nLetting in the sunshine\\r\nDid we really count to one hundrer\\r\
  7. Yes - Soon (Single Edit)-1974 (04:07)
    \\r\nSoon oh soon the light\\r\nPass within and soothe this endless night\\r\nAnd wait here for you\\r\nOur reason to be here\\r\n\\r\nSoon oh soon the time\\r\nAll we move to gain will reach and calm\\r\nOur heart is open\\r\nOur reason to be here\\r\n\\
  8. Yes - Wonderous Stories-1977 (03:51)
    \\r\n\\r\nI awoke this morning\\r\nlove laid me down by a river.\\r\nDrifting I turned on upstream\\r\nBound for my forgiver.\\r\nIn the giving of my eyes to see your face.\\r\nSound did silence me\\r\nleaving no trace.\\r\nI beg to leave, to hear your wo
  9. Yes - Going For The One-1977 (05:33)
    \\r\n\\r\nGet the idea cross around the track\\r\nunderneath the flank of thoroughbred racing chasers.\\r\nGetting the feel as a river flows.\\r\nWould youlike to go 'n shoot the mountain masses?\\r\nAnd here you stand no taller than the grass sees.\\r\nA
  10. Yes - Owner Of The Lonely Heart-1983 (04:29)
    \\r\n\\r\nMove yourself\\r\nYou always live your life\\r\nNever thinking of the future\\r\nProve yourself\\r\nYou are the move you make\\r\nTake your chances win or loser\\r\n\\r\nSee yourself\\r\nYou are the steps you take\\r\nYou and you - and that's th
  11. Yes - Leave It-1983 (04:15)
    \\r\n\\r\nI can feel no sense of measure\\r\nNo illusions as we take\\r\nRefuge in young man's pleasure\\r\nBreaking down the dreams we make\\r\nReal\\r\n\\r\nOne down one to go\\r\nAnother town and one more show\\r\nDowntown they're giving away\\r\nBut s
  12. Yes - Rhytm Of Love-1987 (04:44)
    \\r\n\\r\nInnocence no answer\\r\nTo your breaking heart\\r\nIf the situation\\r\nSometimes falls apart\\r\nThen in this ecstasy\\r\nYour charms are frozen\\r\nNo emotion falling through your arms\\r\n\\r\nMorning, daydream, time still growing shorter\\r\

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