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Tom Waits Swordfishtrombones (1983)
All compositions by Tom Waits.\nAll songs arranged by Tom Waits, except tracks 1,4,7,15 arranged by Tom Waits & Francis Thumm.\nProduced by Tom Waits.\nRecorded & mixed by Biff Dawes as Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood US-CA, 1982-08, except track 3 recorded at Leeds Instrument Rentals, Los Angeles US-CA, and track 9 recorded by Tim Boyle.\nMastered by Jeff Sanders at Kendun Recorders, Burbank US-CA.\nCD: Island Records 422-842 469-2 (1983-09, 1990-06-15), UPC 042284246927.
This misc cd contains 15 tracks and runs 41min 45sec.
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  1. Tom Waits - Underground (02:00)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal\nVictor Feldman: bass marimba\nLarry Taylor: acoustic bass\nRandy Aldcroft: baritone horn\nStephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges: drums\nFred Tackett: electric guitar
  2. Tom Waits - Shore Leave (04:18)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal, chair\nStephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges: drums\nRandy Aldcroft: trombone\nVictor Feldman: marimba, bass marimba & shaker, bass drum with rice\nLarry Taylor: acoustic bass\nFred Tackett: banjo, guitar\nFrancis Thumm: metal aunglo
  3. Tom Waits - Dave the Butcher (02:20)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: Hammond B-3 organ\nVictor Feldman: bass boobams
  4. Tom Waits - Johnsburg, Illinois (01:33)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal, piano\nGreg Cohen: bass
  5. Tom Waits - 16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six (04:33)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal\nStephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges: drums\nLarry Taylor: acoustic bass\nFred Tackett: electric guitar\nVictor Feldman: brake drum, bell plate, snare\nJoe Romano: trombone
  6. Tom Waits - Town with No Cheer (04:28)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal, harmonium, sythesizer, Freedom Bell\nAnthony Clark Stewart: bagpipes\nClark Spangler: synthesizer program
  7. Tom Waits - In the Neighborhood (03:07)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal\nVictor Feldman: Hammond B-3 organ, snare drum, bells\nStephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges: parade drum, cymbals\nLarry Taylor: acoustic bass\nBill Reichenbach, Dick "Slyde" Hyde: trombone\nRandy Aldcroft: baritone horn
  8. Tom Waits - Just Another Sucker on the Vine (01:46)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: harmonium\nJoe Romano: trumpet
  9. Tom Waits - Frank's Wild Years (01:53)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal\nRonnie Barron: Hammond organ\nLarry Taylor: acoustic bass
  10. Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombone (03:08)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal\nVictor Feldman: marimba, conga, bass drum, dabuki drum\nLarry Taylor: electric bass\nGreg Cohen: acoustic bass
  11. Tom Waits - Down, Down, Down (02:16)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal\nStephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges: drums\nEric Bikales: organ\nLarry Taylor: acoustic bass\nVictor Feldman: snare, tambourine\nCarlos Guitarlos: electric guitar
  12. Tom Waits - Soldier's Things (03:20)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal\nGreg Cohen: acoustic bass
  13. Tom Waits - Gin Soaked Boy (02:24)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal\nStephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges: drums\nFred Tackett: electric guitar\nLarry Taylor: acoustic bass
  14. Tom Waits - Trouble's Braids (01:18)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: vocal\nVictor Feldman: African talking drum\nStephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges: parade bass drum\nLarry Taylor: acoustic bass
  15. Tom Waits - Rainbirds (03:12)
    (Tom Waits)\nTom Waits: piano\nGreg Cohen: acoustic bass\nFrancis Thumm, Stephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges, Richard Gibbs: glass harmonica

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