CLAMP: Miyuki-chan In Wonderland OST CD Track Listing

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CLAMP Miyuki-chan In Wonderland OST (1995)
Track three and four have pure japanese titles. Track 2 is a story, not a song/musc. ID3G: 24
This misc cd contains 4 tracks and runs 30min 59sec.
Freedb: 23074104
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  1. CLAMP - Sore Wa Wonderland [It's A Wonderland] (04:42)
  2. CLAMP - Drama: Baito No Kuni No Miyuki-chan [Miyuki-chan In The Part-Time-Job Land] (16:56)
  3. CLAMP - Ai Wa Never End [Love Never Ends] (04:12)
  4. CLAMP - Iyayo! [No Way!] (05:05)

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