Shine on Taco: Roze Wolk CD Track Listing

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Shine on Taco Roze Wolk (2008)
Music, songtitles and artwork by Madelon van Honk\nhttp://shineontaco.gethost.nl
This misc cd contains 4 tracks and runs 12min 46sec.
Freedb: 2302fc04
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  1. Shine on Taco - <3 (100 Dansenden Poppetjes Version) (01:09)
  2. Shine on Taco - Shine On Taco (Dead Bird Version) (05:08)
  3. Shine on Taco - This Song Sucks But So Do I (00:40)
  4. Shine on Taco - There Will Always Be An Unfit Mind (Punk ist dead) (05:45)

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