Equimanthorn: Second Sephira Cella CD Track Listing

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Equimanthorn Second Sephira Cella (2004)
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 69min 33sec.
Freedb: c6104b0c
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  1. Equimanthorn - Entrance to the Ancient Flame (Precursory Procedure in the Name of OUMQ) (05:16)
  2. Equimanthorn - To Enter the Tower of Shadows (Trapped in the Witch's Spell) (11:05)
  3. Equimanthorn - Rule of Utukagaba (Ruling of the Scarlet Light Established At the Gates of the Waters) (05:04)
  4. Equimanthorn - Refulgent Splendour (7 Conquerors and Their Multitude Part II) (10:05)
  5. Equimanthorn - Sephira Tephirot (Natura Non Facit Saltum) (04:56)
  6. Equimanthorn - Mists over Masshu (The Moisture of Mercury Rises) (04:54)
  7. Equimanthorn - Sixth Throne of Asaru (The Eyes of Two Daughters Meet) (04:25)
  8. Equimanthorn - Fashioning the Winds of 7 (Sar Dannu Ina Mati Basi Sar Bumasla Emuki Nesi Part I) (03:31)
  9. Equimanthorn - He Who Makes the Name of Masshu Abundant (Sar Dannu Ina Mati Basi Sar Bumasla Emuki Nesi Part II) (04:52)
  10. Equimanthorn - Where the Watchers Mourn (...and Dance) (02:21)
  11. Equimanthorn - Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara (The Enthroned Ninnkigal Gazes Benignly Upon the Viewer from a Fragment of Contentment, by Means of a Craft Inscribed to Our Queen Ereshkigal) (04:32)
  12. Equimanthorn - Reflections of the Last Rays of the Moon (Erichtho's Aggrandizement) (08:25)

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