Chas & Dave: Chas & Dave's All Time Jamboree Bag Disk 1 CD Track Listing

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Chas & Dave Chas & Dave's All Time Jamboree Bag Disk 1
This misc cd contains 16 tracks and runs 75min 44sec.
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  1. Chas & Dave - Enjoy Yourself/Our Ol' Codger/There's a lump of sugar/Hello ol' whatsname/Leanin on a lamppost (04:57)
  2. Chas & Dave - Ol' muvver Lee/russian Rag/The old iron cross/On the Mississippi/I Enjoyed it/When you're a long way from home/Yes sir, that's my baby/All up darkies gasworks (04:58)
  3. Chas & Dave - I wish I had a pal/Can Can/Muvvers name was Brown/Have a cuppa/Liza/We've all been having a go at it/Cover it/A pound of pickled pork (04:45)
  4. Chas & Dave - Billy Green/What d'ya want to live/Gee gee's/Sons of the sea/My ol' mans a dustman/ (04:52)
  5. Chas & Dave - Henry the Eighth/I'm going to sing a song/Paddy carried his hod/We both locked/mary Ellen/Grandfather John/We all go the same way home (05:11)
  6. Chas & Dave - Meet me tonight in Dreamland/get the blues when it rains/It's a sin to tell a lie/Mammy o' mine/Got the sweetest Mammy (04:39)
  7. Chas & Dave - You're my baby/Who hit you with a horseshoe/Cuddle up a little closer/Barefoot days/Me and Jane (04:48)
  8. Chas & Dave - Fancy you/Always alone/Every little movement (03:30)
  9. Chas & Dave - Pardon me/Ballin the jack/You're my honeysuckle/12 o'clock at night (04:35)
  10. Chas & Dave - Don't wake me/Love letters/Where the black eyed Susans grow (05:24)
  11. Chas & Dave - You're in Kentucky/ You're just in love/If I knew you were coming (04:02)
  12. Chas & Dave - I'm a rocker/Livin' up a storm/Reeling and rocking/Jailhouse rock/Peggy Sue/Don't be cruel (04:54)
  13. Chas & Dave - My Babe/What'd I say/Sweet little 16/Pretend/Shake rattle and roll (04:52)
  14. Chas & Dave - Just a little too much/Whole lotta shakin'/Down the line/Rave on/Say Mama (04:41)
  15. Chas & Dave - I'm comig home/All shook up/Good golly/Bony Maronie/Too much monkey business/20 flight rock (05:06)
  16. Chas & Dave - I'm ready/I wonder in whose arms/Bye Bye Johnny/Feel so fine/I'm a rocker (04:19)

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