Graham Hyman: Understanding Your Teenager vol 2 CD Track Listing

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Graham Hyman Understanding Your Teenager vol 2
Content by Graham Hyman http://www.grahamhyman.com.au/ FreeDB entry by CyberKnights http://www.cyberknights.com.au/ Very funny, very informative, all around great piece of edutainment.
This misc cd contains 9 tracks and runs 77min 26sec.
Freedb: 7c122409
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  1. Graham Hyman - Teens are equipping themselves for adulthood (10:03)
  2. Graham Hyman - Teens are developing personal values and labels (01:28)
  3. Graham Hyman - Rules without relationships lead to rebellion (23:53)
  4. Graham Hyman - Pick your battles wisely (03:50)
  5. Graham Hyman - Break the no talk rule before it breaks your family (15:34)
  6. Graham Hyman - Dont handicap your teens by making life too easy (11:23)
  7. Graham Hyman - Catch your teen in the act of doing good (01:25)
  8. Graham Hyman - Remember: the Lone Ranger never had kids (02:53)
  9. Graham Hyman - Something is better than nothing (06:51)

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