Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man CD1 CD Track Listing

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Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man CD1 (1995)
Starring:\n\nWilliam Dufris as\t\tPeter Parker/Spider-Man\nLorelei King as\t\tSue Storm/Betty Brant\nWilliam Roberts as\t\tJ Jonah Jameson/Uncle Ben\nPeter Marinker as\t\tReed Richards\nBuffy Davis as\t\tAunt May\nJonathan Kydd as\t\tThe Green Goblin\nGary Martin as\t\tThe Thing/Ben Grimm/The Dread Dormammu\nGarrick Hagon as\t\tPrince Namor, The Sub-Mariner\nEric Meyer as\t\tJohnny Storm/The Human Torch\nDavid Bannerman as\tFlash Thompson\nMichael Roberts as\t\tDoctor Doom/Sandman\nSimon Treves as\t\tDoctor Octopus\n\t\tand\nAnita Dobson as\t\tLiz Allan YEAR: 1995
This misc cd contains 10 tracks and runs 73min 49sec.
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  1. Spider-Man - Spider-Man Theme (04:12)
  2. Spider-Man - This is Reed Richards...... (09:12)
  3. Spider-Man - It was never easy being Peter Parker....... (07:04)
  4. Spider-Man - Alright you hard guys, you hoodlums....... (09:20)
  5. Spider-Man - The story behind tv's newest........ (05:47)
  6. Spider-Man - This better not be a wild goose chase....... (06:15)
  7. Spider-Man - I would rather pull traffic duty..... (10:23)
  8. Spider-Man - Alright clear this area...... (07:15)
  9. Spider-Man - Reed, the intruder alarm..... (05:36)
  10. Spider-Man - I'll show Jameson (08:37)

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