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Fila Brazillia Maim That Tune (1995)
Experimental technoheads Fila Brazillia really mix it up on Maim That Tune, constructing various takes on techno, including elements of spaghetti Western, hip-hop, house and African music. -- AMG \n\nIf your into downtempo beats, then you've gotta check this, it ranges from heavy organic beats to ketemine fuelled soundscapes, check it!
This misc cd contains 9 tracks and runs 73min 44sec.
Freedb: 7c114609
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  1. Fila Brazillia - dave yang and steve yin de-swish tswis (06:40)
  2. Fila Brazillia - a zed and two ls (08:40)
  3. Fila Brazillia - leggy (04:26)
  4. Fila Brazillia - at home in space (10:28)
  5. Fila Brazillia - 6ft wasp (09:25)
  6. Fila Brazillia - slacker (11:11)
  7. Fila Brazillia - harmonicas are shite (06:31)
  8. Fila Brazillia - extract of pineal gland (07:13)
  9. Fila Brazillia - subtle body (09:03)

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