Hossam Ramzy: Zeina (Best of Mohammed Abdul Wahab) CD Track Listing

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Hossam Ramzy Zeina (Best of Mohammed Abdul Wahab) (1995)
This misc cd contains 7 tracks and runs 49min 3sec.
Freedb: 5d0b7d07
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  1. Hossam Ramzy - Zeina (delightfully pleasant lady) (05:53)
  2. Hossam Ramzy - Set Elhabayib ya Habiba (lady of all the beloved) (07:33)
  3. Hossam Ramzy - Khai Khai (brother oh brother) (10:51)
  4. Hossam Ramzy - Olli Amallak Eih Albi (tell me, what did my heart ever do to you) (06:55)
  5. Hossam Ramzy - Mawkib Ennoor (the procession of enlightenment) (07:17)
  6. Hossam Ramzy - Aziza (04:57)
  7. Hossam Ramzy - Layali Ramadan (Ramadan evenings) (05:35)

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