Project DBZ: Dragonball Z HIT Collection CD Track Listing

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Project DBZ Dragonball Z HIT Collection
The Dragonball Z HIT Collection CD is the first full-length image soundtrack created for fans of the popular anime "Dragonball Z". Tunes on this CD include the upbeat opener "Cha-La Head-Cha-La", the wacky "Detekoi tobikiri ZENKAI POWER!", the silly "Tenkaichi GOHAN", and many more.\nURL: http://wuken.tierranet.com/dbzmusic.html "Wuken's Dragonball Listening Booth"\nURL: http://www.c2i.co.jp/col.me/ "Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd."\nURL: http://www.c2i.co.jp/col.me/ANIMEX/Default.html "ANIMEX Online Magazine"
This misc cd contains 10 tracks and runs 39min 1sec.
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  1. Project DBZ - CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (03:20)
  2. Project DBZ - DRAGON WORLD e youkoso! (04:40)
  3. Project DBZ - Mama wa shiawase inotteru (04:09)
  4. Project DBZ - Aitsu wa Son Gokuh (04:33)
  5. Project DBZ - Eien no chikyuu (04:18)
  6. Project DBZ - Shurairo no senshi (03:40)
  7. Project DBZ - Moero! DRAGON SOLDIERS (03:16)
  8. Project DBZ - TROUBLE SURFING (03:35)
  9. Project DBZ - Tenkaichi GOHAN (03:54)
  10. Project DBZ - Detekoi tobikiri ZENKAI POWER! (03:28)

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