Mike O'Connor: Tristan and Iseult CD Track Listing

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Mike O'Connor Tristan and Iseult (2005)
This misc cd contains 7 tracks and runs 42min 41sec.
Freedb: 6709ff07
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  1. Mike O'Connor - Welcome, Tristan's Childhood (06:35)
  2. Mike O'Connor - The Death of Morold, Healing, A Return to Ireland (06:36)
  3. Mike O'Connor - The Waters of Tresillian (01:53)
  4. Mike O'Connor - Life or Death, The Wedding Night, A Secret Message, The Naked Sword, Flour and Blood (07:20)
  5. Mike O'Connor - Tristan's Leap, Crossing the Mal Pas, Ordeal by Fire and Steel (05:30)
  6. Mike O'Connor - The Minstrel, The Streams of Lovely Nantsian (05:29)
  7. Mike O'Connor - Exile, The Dragon's Lair, The Death of Tristan, The Two Trees, Farewell (09:13)

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