Cachao: Master Sessions Volume I CD Track Listing

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Cachao Master Sessions Volume I (1999)
Thank the movie actor Andy Garcia for this glorious artifact.
This misc cd contains 12 tracks and runs 76min 31sec.
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  1. Cachao - Al Fin Te Vi (01:19)
    Translation: "Finally I Saw You". Danza.
  2. Cachao - Isora Club (06:36)
  3. Cachao - Mambo (03:13)
  4. Cachao - El Son No Ha Muerto (07:04)
    Translation: "The Son Has Not Died". Son.
  5. Cachao - Lindo Yamb
    Translation: "Beautiful Yamb
  6. Cachao - Mi Guajira (09:25)
    Translation: "My Country Girl". Guajira.
  7. Cachao - Lluvia, Viento Y Ca
    Translation: "Rain, Wind and Reeds". Descarga (translation: "jam session").
  8. Cachao - Club Social De Marianao (07:29)
    Translation: "Marianao Social Club". Danz
  9. Cachao - A Gozar Con Mi Combo (06:19)
    Translation: "To Rejoice with My Combo." Descarga.
  10. Cachao - Cachao's G
  11. Cachao - El Alcalde (06:51)
    Translation: "The Mayor", Andy Garcia's father's nickname. Conga.
  12. Cachao - Descarga Cachao (06:23)

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