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Georg Ots Anthology CD 6 (2001)
Anthology's main stress is put on Georg Ots' years on the stage. For over 30 years he devoted his life and gave his soul to almost 60 roles in operas and operettas. The 4 CDs with Opera Arias&Duets and Operetta&Musical Songs include both studio recordings and unique live recordings from stage and concerts. Chamber music is the most intimate music genre demanding for the singer and the listener. For this reason the music on the 5th CD has remained less known. All the pieces belong to the vocal music classics and can be considered as examples for present and future singers. The 6th CD include only a small number of popular songs as those were recorded by Georg Ots in great numbers. Eesti Raadio Music Archives include some 100 thousand analogue magnetic tapes mostly originals recorded at Eesti Raadio studios. Also Georg Ots recorded his best music here and today there are over 1000 recordings at the Music Archives. These 6 CDs are the beginning of a project which aim is to digitalise all the music performed by Georg Ots. There is already enough material for 25 CDs. The tapes are restored by the Estonian best Sound Engineers-Restorers Priit Kuulberg and J


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  1. Georg Ots - F.Marchetti, Fascination (05:11)
    poem by D.Manning, tkl. H.Karmo, 1956.
  2. Georg Ots - E.Cannio, O surdato (02:48)
    poem by A.Califano, tlk. H.Vasar, 1964.
  3. Georg Ots - L.Veevo, Romance (02:43)
    poem by H.T
  4. Georg Ots - Evald Vain, For the First Time (03:22)
    poem by Erika Vain, 1964.
  5. Georg Ots - C.Porter, Night and Day (02:57)
    poem by C.Porter, tlk. H.Karmo, 1970.
  6. Georg Ots - M.Philippe, La musicien (02:54)
    poem by J.Plante, 1956.
  7. Georg Ots - E.Kolmanovski, Vals o Valse (04:42)
    poem by J.Jevtusenko, 1966.
  8. Georg Ots - A.Pahmutova, Melodia (03:56)
    poem by M.Dobronravov, tlk.H.Karmo, 1974.
  9. Georg Ots - C.Chaplin, Smile (02:16)
    poem by J.Turner, G.Turner, tlk.H.Karmo, 1959.
  10. Georg Ots - Trad., Auld Lang Syne (03:55)
    traditional 1955.
  11. Georg Ots - H.P.Danks, Silver Threads Among the Gold (03:52)
    poem by E.Rexford, tlk.H.Karmo, 1955.
  12. Georg Ots - A.Veerme, The World is Full of Steps (02:36)
    poem by H.Karmo, 1970.
  13. Georg Ots - E.Arro, Tallinn My Hometown (05:06)
    poem by O.Roots, 1961.
  14. Georg Ots - S.Allen, Impossible (03:19)
    poem by S.Allen, tlk.H.Karmo 1957.
  15. Georg Ots - Unknown, Ja vstretil vas (04:54)
    tundmatu autor/neciato/poem by F.Tjuttsev, 1974.
  16. Georg Ots - R.Valgre, Soon I Will Return to You (03:33)
    poem by A.Vennola, 1970.
  17. Georg Ots - E.Kolmanovski, Ja ljublju teba zizn (04:00)
    poem by K.Vansenkin, 1962.
  18. Georg Ots - B.Mokroussov, Odinokaja garmonj (02:56)
    poem by M.Issakovski, 1955.
  19. Georg Ots - V.Ojak
    Uus paat/Rannakolhoosis - poem by D.Vaarandi, 1954.
  20. Georg Ots -
    poem by A.Pajuvee, 1959.
  21. Georg Ots - G.Podelski, My Beloved Home Place (03:02)
    poem by J.Nasalevits, 1959.
  22. Georg Ots - Saaremaa valss (03:20)
    poem by D.Vaarandi, 1950.

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