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Time Report Return (2001)
This album was given to me by my father, who received it from a friend of his. It is in the genre of ethno jazz, in particular, Armenian ethno jazz. The album may not be for sale yet, and it is possible that this is only a promotional CD. I can provide more information if you e-mail me.
This misc cd contains 9 tracks and runs 52min 10sec.
Freedb: 710c3809
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  1. Time Report - Dance of Solitude (03:44)
  2. Time Report - Delirium Caravan (08:18)
  3. Time Report - Shoushiki (04:33)
  4. Time Report - Aria and Dance (05:17)
  5. Time Report - Return (08:40)
  6. Time Report - Void (06:20)
  7. Time Report - From the Clouds (07:46)
  8. Time Report - The Quail (05:24)
  9. Time Report - Don Quixote (02:03)

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