Driftland: From Losers to Lovers (MCD) CD Track Listing

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Driftland From Losers to Lovers (MCD) (2003)
This Maxi-CD contains three tracks from the Album 'Songs of Love and Hope' of 'Driftland'\nwith Thorsten Wingenfelder, guitarist of the german band 'Fury in the Slaughterhouse'.\n\nIt containts the slightly different radio edio edit of 'From Losers to Lovers'\nand an 'making of' - multimedia-part, playable on Mac and PC.\n
This misc cd contains 4 tracks and runs 29min 9sec.
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  1. Driftland - From Losers to Lovers (radio edit) (04:06)
  2. Driftland - Right is the new wrong (03:16)
  3. Driftland - Brandnew day (07:22)
  4. Driftland - 'making of' - Multimedia-part (14:21)

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