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  1. L'
    remixed by Magnus Thomasson / THE PROTAGONIST
  2. L'
    remixed by William Faith / FAITH AND THE MUSE\nadditional vocals by Monica Richards
  3. L'
    remixed by Tobias Hahn / JANUS
  4. L'
    rearranged and some changes made by Matthias Ambr
  5. L'
    re-worked by Torben Schmidt / LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA
  6. L'
    remixed by Yendri / YENDRI
  7. L'
    violated by MS GENTUR
  8. L'
    remixed by Tom Shear / ASSEMBLAGE 23
  9. L'
    remixed by Dennis Ostermann / IN STRICT CONFIDENCE
  10. L'
    remixed by Stefan Boehm / PZYCHOBITCH\nadditional vocals by Sina
  11. L'
    restored by Dirk Ivens / SONAR
  12. L'
    remixed by Oliver Mueller / MEGADUMP\nadditional vocals by Oliver Mueller

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