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Various Artists Goa Nation Volume 4 (2006)
Germany?s biggest Goa Nation Festival has a huge impact on the international scene and the double CD edition has developed into an excellent series. Goa Nation 4 will lead the way to the Goa Nation Tour in October, which will be also documented with a double CD, extensive booklet and artwork. Volume 4 reflects the quality of styles presented at the festival, and is an exciting mix of full on Goa and progressive Goa trance with all the leading acts present such as Vibrasphere, Frogacult, Sensifeel, Symphonix, and Utopia, as well as an exclusive track by Dual Nok.
This newage cd contains 9 tracks and runs 72min 5sec.
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  1. Various Artists - Vibrasphere / Reservoir (08:35)
  2. Various Artists - Frogacult / All Seasons (Freq's Third remix) (07:27)
  3. Various Artists - Feuerhake vs Liquid Soul / Elmazing Vibez (07:59)
  4. Various Artists - Odiseo / Sky (07:05)
  5. Various Artists - Sensifeel / Olympics (07:55)
  6. Various Artists - Freq / Space Needle (09:10)
  7. Various Artists - Ticon / Rip It Up (08:29)
  8. Various Artists - Dualnok / Human Form (Exclusive Track) (07:40)
  9. Various Artists - Morax / Ola Bonbon (07:38)

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