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various project: Hardcore (2002)
This newage cd contains 3 tracks and runs 66min 7sec.
Freedb: 1e0f7d03
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  1. various - live dj set Dj-promo "vacorps - xmess" "tommyknocker - The aftermath" "dj niel - The Cave" "catscan - My region" "Dj bike - shut up bitch" "ebe records 10 - sub seven (catscan remix)" (18:13)
  2. various - Live performance Noize suppressor "fat fuck (noize supressor remix)" "pass me" "bike's drum" "great bomb" "misteryland '00" "kiss" (18:42)
  3. various - live dj-set Dj paul vs. Dj panic "stunned guys - nothing else will stand" "angerfist - criminally insane" "rexanthony - gocoke" "hard creation - let's get 'm all" "kid morbid - Fight music" "the viper - bulletproof" "dj paul vs panic - up yours"

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