Sonny Clark Trio: Sonny Clark Trio (2003 S.Hoffman Audio Fidelity Hybrid SACD) CD Track Listing

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Sonny Clark Trio Sonny Clark Trio (2003 S.Hoffman Audio Fidelity Hybrid SACD) (1959)
2003 Audio Fidelity\n\nOriginally Released 1959\nCD Edition Released December 1990\nJapanese Mini-LP CD Edition Released September 4, 2001\nHybrid SACD Edition Released March 25, 2003\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nVery Good performances - Outstanding sonics, July 24, 2004 \nReviewer: Daniel A. Cooper (Washington, DC United States)\n\nThis is an very good session that finally sees the light of the digital day in this terrific hybrid SACD remastered from the original masters by Steve Hoffman. With Hoffman's stamp on this disc, you can rest assured that this disc will sound amazing, and it does not let us down. Sonny's piano is clean and crisp, the acoustic bass is precise without being muddy or buried in the mix, and Max Roach's subtle playing is clearly articulated, especially his brush strokes and cymbal work. It's amazing how a recording done back in 1959 can actually sound better than a tinny, loud modern recording, but in Hoffman's capable hands, that's exactly what you have. \n\nThe performances are very impressive on this album. Max Roach is a solid foundation, driving the tunes with some very subtle but effective cymbal work. He also stands out in Minor Meeting, with his most agressive playing. Duvivier is a smooth player who walks the dog as well as anyone in the business and has some tasty business on Sonny's Crip. Sonny Clark is a great bop pianist, who reminds me a lot of Bud Powell, but is more lyrical and melodic in his soloing. The tunes here are not memorable, but basically work as good set pieces for the improvisations. \n\nAll in all, this is a quality jazz session that will leave you smiling. \n\nWhat will NOT leave you smiling though is that as I write this Audio Fidelity has already lost the license to this disc and it is now officially in the "hard to find" category. However, I suggest you seek it out, because you will be very pleasantly surprised at the sound quality and performances on the SACD. \n\np.s. I would also recommend that you check out the Sonny Clark CDs Cool Struttin' and Leapin' & Lopin'. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nA must have., October 7, 2003 \nReviewer: A music fan \n \nThis long out of print recording is a must have if you like jazz. This disc is a hybrid which will play on a regular CD player and with a SACD player, you will hear the same music in high resolution. With the alternate takes, you can't beat the price.\n\nAudio Fidelity won't have the license for this forever, so buy it now or pay the big bucks on ebay later.\n\nThe music is great and was well recorded. The piano sounds like it's in the room with you, my favor tune is "Minor Meeting". \n\nHalf.com Album Notes\nThis is a hybrid Super Audio CD playable both on regular and Super Audio CD players.\n\nPersonnel: Sonny Clark (piano); George Duvivier (bass); Max Roach (drums).\nRecorded at Bell Sound Studios, New York, New York on January 2 & 6, 1959.
This jazz cd contains 13 tracks and runs 74min 53sec.
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  1. Sonny Clark Trio - Junka (Master Take) (06:18)
  2. Sonny Clark Trio - Sonia (Master Take) (05:15)
  3. Sonny Clark Trio - Blues Blue (Master Take) (04:25)
  4. Sonny Clark Trio - Nica (Master Take) (06:21)
  5. Sonny Clark Trio - Minor Meeting (Master Take) (03:48)
  6. Sonny Clark Trio - Sonny's Crip (Master Take) (06:19)
  7. Sonny Clark Trio - Blues Mambo (Master Take) (05:01)
  8. Sonny Clark Trio - My Conception (Master Take) (04:33)
  9. Sonny Clark Trio - Sonia (Alternate Take) (07:21)
  10. Sonny Clark Trio - Blues Blue (Alternate Take) (07:35)
  11. Sonny Clark Trio - Junka (Alternate Take) (05:00)
  12. Sonny Clark Trio - Minor Meeting (Alternate Take) (05:57)
  13. Sonny Clark Trio - Nica (Alternate Take) (06:52)

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