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Bill Frisell Gone, Just Like a Train (1998)
Nonesuch\nreleased January 06, 1998\n\nPersonnel: Bill Frisell (acoustic & electric guitars); Viktor Krauss (bass); Jim Keltner (drums, percussion).\nRecorded at O'Henry Sound Studios, Burbank, California. Includes liner notes by Bill Frisell.\nA chance to hear Bill Frisell showing another side of his Western influences and to hear drummer Jim Keltner and bassist Viktor Krauss show a looser, jazzier, more improvised side of their abilities. Music fans know that their favorite players have range and abilities that often go undisplayed, as musicians can frequently get pigeonholed into doing what first made them popular. This record is doubly gratifiying for that reason. \nAll these players are opening themselves up to each other and the listener in a unique way. Frisell plays lots of acoustic guitar here, and he's not exclusively using the language of the postmodern, effects-heavy jazz we love him for. We're seeing the pacing and form of his compositions in a less twisted sonic setting. Frisell also collaborated with artist Jim Woodring on the unique and evocative artwork for this CD, representing "things that are hidden, buried - things you can only see in dreams."
This jazz cd contains 17 tracks and runs 75min 3sec.
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  1. Bill Frisell - Blues for Los Angeles (05:16)
  2. Bill Frisell - Verona (03:08)
  3. Bill Frisell - Verona (04:35)
  4. Bill Frisell - Girl Asks Boy, Pt. 1 (03:35)
  5. Bill Frisell - Pleased to Meet You (04:11)
  6. Bill Frisell - Lookout for Hope (10:20)
  7. Bill Frisell - Nature's Symphony (04:55)
  8. Bill Frisell - Egg Radio (05:04)
  9. Bill Frisell - Ballroom (03:22)
  10. Bill Frisell - Girl Asks Boy, Pt. 2 (02:19)
  11. Bill Frisell - Sherlock Jr. (02:51)
  12. Bill Frisell - Gone, Just Like a Train (05:30)
  13. Bill Frisell - Wife and Kid (05:30)
  14. Bill Frisell - Raccoon Cat (05:48)
  15. Bill Frisell - Lonesome (03:22)
  16. Bill Frisell - More Blues for Los Angeles (04:15)
  17. Bill Frisell - [Hidden Track] (00:51)

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