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Handslang Handslang (1996)
Rob Clutton- Acoustic Bass\nJohn Lennard- Traps and Voice\nNilan Perera- Guitar\n\nProduced by Handslang\nMusic composed, arranged and performed by Handslang\nexcept "Home", by Rob Clutton and Nilan Perera\n\nChalet studio Sessions;\nCo-produced by Nick Blagona a& James Pett\nProduction co-ordinator: Nick Blagona\nAssistant Engineer; James Pett\n\nSound Lab Studio Sessions:\nCo-produced by Nick Holmes & David dacks\nEngineered and mixed by Nick Holmes\n& David Dacks\n\nMastered at Pizzazudio by Nick Blagona\nAssistant: Michael Jack\nNick Blagona courtesty of Janus Management\n\nDesign and Illustration; Ambrose Pottie\n\nThe material on this recording represents a year and a half of an on-going collective process.\n\nWe sought to develope a way of making Music that incorporated all of our influences in an\n expressive, yet disiplined and cohesive fashion - speaking with the intmacy of slang yet holding\n onto the roots of the musical language.\n\nThe result is what you now hold in your hands. Each piece is an improvisation;\ncreated and perfoormed in real time without edits or overdubs. Each improvisation\nwas performed with no prior discussion. It is our sincere desire that you\nfind enyoyment in our efforts.\n\nHandslang would like to thank:\n Victoria Connolly, Rob Gaskin, Any Hersenshoren, \nRoxanne Rheha, Marion Law, Marnie Lennard, Tim Peacocl, Mr. E.B. Perea, M.J. Russell\nChiyoko Szlavnics, The Cameron House, CIUT-FM, CKLN-FM, FACTOR,\nThe Ontario Arts Council\n and all those who hafve supported us in our lives and music.\n\ncopyright: Clutton, Lennard, Perera 1996 (SOCAN)\ncopyright: Handslang Productions 1996\n11 Grange Ave. #103\nToronto, Ontario, Canada\n M5T 1C6\n
This jazz cd contains 11 tracks and runs 62min 58sec.
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  1. Handslang - Endgame (07:05)
  2. Handslang - Your table Is Ready (05:01)
  3. Handslang - Fellini's Bicycle (06:48)
  4. Handslang - Red Rover (04:47)
  5. Handslang - Silent Witness (02:05)
  6. Handslang - Groove Disorder (05:58)
  7. Handslang - Outside looking In (05:54)
  8. Handslang - Home (04:20)
  9. Handslang - perfectly Frank (05:32)
  10. Handslang - Sleepwalker (06:14)
  11. Handslang - Rain Dream (Among Us) (09:06)

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