Weather Report: Black Market CD Track Listing

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Weather Report Black Market (1976)
Composers:\nJoe Zawinul - 1,2,3\nWayne Shorter - 4,5\nJaco Pastorius - 6\nAlphonso Johnson - 7\n\nMusicians:\nJoe Zawinul - piano, synthesizer\nWayne Shorter - soprano, tenor, Lyricon by computone\nAlphonso Johnson, Jaco Pastorius - bass\nChester Thompson, Narada Michael Walden - drums\nAlejandro Neciosup Acuna, Don Elias - congas, percussion\n\nRecorded at Devonshire Sound, North Hollywood, California, 1976. \n\nThe shifts in Weather Report's personnel come fast and furious now, with Narada Michael Walden and \nChester Thompson as the drummers, Alex Acuna and Don Alias at the percussion table, and Alphonso \nJohnson giving way to the mighty, martyred Jaco Pastorius. It is interesting to hear Pastorius expanding \nthe bass role only incrementally over what the more funk-oriented Johnson was doing at this early point - \nthat is, until "Barbary Coast," where suddenly Jaco leaps athletically forward into the spotlight. Joe \nZawinul or just Zawinul, as he preferred to be billed - contributed all of side one's compositions, mostly \nThird World-flavored workouts except for "Cannon Ball," a touching tribute to his ex-boss Cannonball \nAdderley (who had died the year before). Shorter, Pastorius, and Johnson split the remainder of the tracks, \nwith Shorter now set in a long-limbed compositional mode for electric bands that would serve him into the \n1990s. While it goes without saying that most Weather Report albums are transition albums, this diverse \nrecord is even more transient than most, paving the way for WR's most popular period while retaining \nthe old sense of adventure. Im Personal kommen schnell und furious jetzt, mit Weather Report's und \nNarada Michael Walden als die Schlagzeuger Chester Thompson und Alex Acuna an der \nPerkussionstabelle und Don Alias am Nachgeben zum m


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  1. Weather Report - Black Market (06:31)
  2. Weather Report - Cannon Ball (04:38)
  3. Weather Report - Gibraltar (07:46)
  4. Weather Report - Elegant People (05:04)
  5. Weather Report - Three Clowns (03:21)
  6. Weather Report - Barbary Coast (03:08)
  7. Weather Report - Herandnu (06:35)

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