Jean Luc Ponty: Hamburg Germany 1976_09_17 (CD2) CD Track Listing

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Jean Luc Ponty Hamburg Germany 1976_09_17 (CD2)
Jean Luc Ponty\nHamburg, Germany. 17th September, 1976. Sbd, A+, 70 min & 2 CD.\nRe-indexed. Absolutely fantastic concert - you've got to hear this, even if you're not a JLP fan! I believe this comes from a proposed live album that was scrapped. Good transcription from vinyl.\nDisc 1: \n1.\tIs Once Enough, \n2.\t2. Polyfolk Dance, \n3.\t3. Lost Forest, \n4.\t4. Aurora, \n5.\t5. Renaissance - Question with no Answer.\nDisc 2: \n1.\tPassenger of the Dark, \n2.\t2. Bowing-Bowing, \n3.\t3. Tarantula, \n4.\t4. Wandering on the Milky Way,\nadditional tracks from Jazz Festival Wiesen, Germany, 1st July, 1988; 5. Faith in You, \n6. The Gift of Time, \n7. Egocentric Molecules, \n8. Infinite Pursuit.\n
This jazz cd contains 8 tracks and runs 69min 23sec.
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  1. Jean Luc Ponty - Passenger of the Dark (09:45)
  2. Jean Luc Ponty - Bowing-Bowing (09:40)
  3. Jean Luc Ponty - Tarantula (03:12)
  4. Jean Luc Ponty - Wandering on the Milky Way (12:26)
  5. Jean Luc Ponty - Faith in You (00:04)
  6. Jean Luc Ponty - The Gift of Time (07:40)
  7. Jean Luc Ponty - Egocentric Molecules (12:46)
  8. Jean Luc Ponty - Infinite Pursuit (13:44)

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