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BOZO allegro the REVOLVER suite
[back]\nA transmogrification of Beatles' themes into a chronological stylistic exploration of African influence in American music\n\nAll songs byJohn Lennon and Paul McCartney except [Love You To and I Want To Tell You]\nAll songs published by Sony/ATV Song LLC. Arrangements by Mark Browning Milner\n\nProduced by Mark Browning Milner and Matthew Zimmerman\n\n(C)1998 Marx Music, P.O. Box 130665, Roseville, MN 55113\nAll rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws (so don'teven think about it).\n\n[inside-1]\n*Beatles*. *Jazz*. My musical worldrevolves between these poles. I met The Beatles February 9th, 1964, via *The Ed Sullivan Show*. I discovered jazz a few years later, through a cut-out copy of one of Herbie Mann's *Live At Newport* albums. Beatles. Jazz. That's what I like. That's what I know. That's who I am.\n\nWhen I began tossing about ideas of a large scale work for my nine-piece rock-jazz horn band *BOZO allegro*, it was onlynatural that I would think of doing TheBeatles. Being ambitious, I decided to give an entire album the BOZO treatment. I chose *Revolver*, the pivotal album between The Beatles as cutepop songsters and innovative, influential musical artists.\n\nI considered several different thematic apporoaches before I stumbled on the idea of pairing the fourteen songs fromthe original British release with thechronological development of African-American popular music. After I settledon and ordered my list of styles, it became an exercise of creativity tomake the combinations of songsand styles work. I had a wonderful time. Enjoy the results. Thanks for coming to the party. A spendid time is guaranteed for all. *--Mark Browning Milner*\n\n[inside-2]\nRuston Reynolds [photo with horns]\nC.J. Pluntz [photo with horns]\nDiane Sollenberger[photo with horns]\nAllan Sollenberger [photo with horns]\nMark BrowningMilner [photo with bass]\nMikeHaynes [photo with horns]\nRon Brown [photo withguitar]\nScott Metko [photo with drums]\nScott Dercks [photo with guitar]\n\n[inside-3]\n*Produced by Mark Browning Milner and Matthew Zimmerman*\n\nRecorded at Wild Sound, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April - June 1998\nRecorded, mixed, and mastered by Mathew Zimmerman\n\nArt Direction: MichaelDiehl and Mark Browning Milner * Package Design: Michael Diehl\nCaricatures:Heidi Brandt * Photography: Shannon Nixon\n\nBozo Business: Candlin Dobbs\n\n[photo of a small child watching a young man play saxophone]\nDedicated to the memory of Ray Milner (3/14/23 - 1/3/98)\nThanks, Dad!\n\nBookings/Merchandise/Criticisms/Kudos:\nwww.marxmusic.com * bozo@marxmusic.com * P.O. Box 130665, Roseville, Minnesota 55113\n\n0823-2 (C) 1998 Marx Music\n\n["Notes on the arrangements:" are in each track note]\n\n[dataentry by druid labs]
This jazz cd contains 14 tracks and runs 45min 19sec.
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  1. BOZO allegro - Taxman (02:38)
    (African): The polyrhythmy of three against two in the rhythm section serves as a foundation for the call and response in the horns.
  2. BOZO allegro - Eleanor Rigby (04:23)
    (Spritual): An extensively reharmonized chorus and verse joins a slow, dramatic tempo with plenty of silence for effect; Reverend Bozo Mike delivers the sermon.
  3. BOZO allegro - I'm Only Sleeping (03:10)
    (Gospel): A brisk backbeat hosts the duel between Sister Bozo C.J. and Brother Bozo Ruston on the twin testifying tenors.
  4. BOZO allegro - Love You To (01:49)
    (Ragtime): One of the most radically transformed tunes, with the Harrison melody hidden in the sopranos if you want to look for it; Bozo Mark holds down the bottom on the Art Deco tuba.
  5. BOZO allegro - Here, There And Everywhere (02:29)
    (Dixieland): A street parade in New Orleans, with Bozo C.J.'s obbligatos, Bozo Mike's tailgating, and Bozo Scott M's best Basin Street beat.
  6. BOZO allegro - Yellow Submarine (04:09)
    (Big Band): Ringo meets Count Basie and Neal Hefti; the classic trumpetsolo just *happened* to fit the chord changes, so who could resist?
  7. BOZO allegro - She Said She Said (03:22)
    (Bebop): Charlie Parker on acid; Bozo Ruston and Bozo Alan nimbly navigate the twisted harmonic waters; the toughtest tune to play, and the endof Side One.
  8. BOZO allegro - Good Day Sunshine (03:49)
    (Blues): Side Two starts the strut down the street with the urban electric sound of Chicago; Bozo Scott D's guitar walks the walk and talks thetalk.
  9. BOZO allegro - And Your Bird Can Sing (01:50)
    (R&B): Down to Muscle Shoals, where Bozo Alan and Bozo Mike do their best Sam and Dave; hold your baby close when the lights go low.
  10. BOZO allegro - For No One (03:45)
    (Soul): A taste of Memphis, with stylistic tips of the hat to Al Jackson, Duck Dunn, and Steve Cropper; Bozo Ruston and Bozo Diane fight it outfor Curtis's crown.
  11. BOZO allegro - Doctor Robert (01:54)
    (Funk): James Brown and George Clinton get their prescriptions filled;Bozo Scott D takes his medicine like a man and lets his Strat sass thenurse.
  12. BOZO allegro - I Want To Tell You (02:48)
    (Reggae): Jamaica, say you will; George's original guitar line transmogrifies into the bubble, Bozo Ron does the skank, and Bozo C.J.'s soprano slinks all the way home to Kingston.
  13. BOZO allegro - Got To Get You Into My Life (04:09)
    (Fusion): Specifically, side one of Miles' *Jack Johnson*; Bozo Alan channels The Sorcerer and Bozo Ruston evokes Mr. Shorter; ultimately, the entire band oozes into the (B)ozone.
  14. BOZO allegro - Tomorrow Never Knows (04:56)
    (Hip-hop): A classic bass line from the good ole days, a rap from the *Tibetan Book of the Dead*, and the Bozos queue up for closing arguments.

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