John Coltrane: 7/27/65, Le Pins Jazz Festival, Antibes, France CD Track Listing

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John Coltrane 7/27/65, Le Pins Jazz Festival, Antibes, France
SBD>Reel(m)>DATC>CDR\n\nInfo pieced together by Keith Soltys\n:\n\nTelevision broadcast by RTBF:\n\n Naima (7:08)\n Blue Valse (11:45)\n drum solo (3:15)\n My Favorite Things (17:40)\nbass solo (10:05)\n Impressions (11:05)\n\nThe disc:\n\nTrack 1 - Naima, Blue Valse, drum solo\nTrack 2 - My Favourite Things\nTrack 3 - Impressions (10 minute bass solo from\n the beginning is cut out)\nTrack 4 - Afro Blue\n\nAfro Blue is not from that concert, as far as I can\ntell from the setlists on the web. It may be from\nanother show entirely. He did perform on the\n26th, but did all of A Love Supreme.
This jazz cd contains 4 tracks and runs 67min 45sec.
Freedb: 300fdf04


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  1. John Coltrane - Naima/Blue Valse/Drums (23:04)
  2. John Coltrane - My Favorite Things (17:54)
  3. John Coltrane - Impressions (15:55)
  4. John Coltrane - Afro Blue (10:47)

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