Paul Gilreath: The Eyes of the Morrow CD Track Listing

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Paul Gilreath The Eyes of the Morrow
The package arrived one cold morning. It was wrapped in a manner long forgotten by generations. The return address was Scotland, the homeland of his family. He had moved to the states before his fifth birthday, leaving behind the green fields and majes
This jazz cd contains 10 tracks and runs 54min 55sec.
Freedb: 870cdd0a


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  1. Paul Gilreath - The Eyes of the Morrow (04:55)
  2. Paul Gilreath - Out of the Rain (06:13)
  3. Paul Gilreath - Outreach (05:28)
  4. Paul Gilreath - Under A Spell (04:55)
  5. Paul Gilreath - Even When You're Gone (04:37)
  6. Paul Gilreath - Until Tomorrow (09:18)
  7. Paul Gilreath - A Higher Light (04:15)
  8. Paul Gilreath - Along the Way (04:54)
  9. Paul Gilreath - Destiny Rides Alone (04:52)
  10. Paul Gilreath - Dance in the Night (05:20)

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