Bobby Vince Paunetto: Commit To Memory CD Track Listing

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Bobby Vince Paunetto Commit To Memory
Bobby Vince Paunetto (Vibraharp, Acoustic Piano & Percussion), Tom Sala & Doug Florence (Drums), Armen Donelian, Eddy Martinez (Acoustic Piano), John Scofield (Guitar), Abraham Laboriel (Electric Bass), Mike Richmond (Acoustic Bass), Andy Gonzalez (Acoustic Bass, Percussion), Eddie Rivera (Acoustic Bass), Tom Harrell (Trumpet, Flugelhorn), Glenn Drewes (Trumpet, Flugelhorn), Ed Byrne (Slide & Valve Trombone), Billy Drewes (Soprano Sax & Tenor Sax), Todd Anderson (Tenor Sax, Flute & Clarinet, Electric Piano), Ronnie Cuber (Baritone Sax & Bass Clarinet), Frank Malabe, Fred Munar-Tims (Congas), Jon Kass (Violin, Viola)\n\nGuests: Steve Thornton, Jerry Gonzalez, Manny Oquendo, John Rodriguez (Percussion), Gary Anderson (Flute, Soprano Sax), Justo Almario (Alto Sax, Soprano Sax Solo), Steve Slagle (Flute), David Eyges (Cello), Paul Moen (Soprano Sax), Milton Cardona (Bata Drums, Percussion), Gene Golden (Bata Drums), Orpheus Gaitanopoulos (Vocals), Mario Rivera (Baritone Sax, Flute), Charlie Burnham, Alfredo de la Fe (Violin) , Ashley Richardson (Viola), Ron Lipscomb (Cello)\n\nRecorded at Bell Sound Studio, NYC,\nJuly 6, August 9 & 27, 1976, and Release Date June 1977\n
This jazz cd contains 9 tracks and runs 47min 57sec.
Freedb: 870b3b09


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  1. Bobby Vince Paunetto - Spanish Maiden (05:13)
  2. Bobby Vince Paunetto - Taz (05:51)
  3. Bobby Vince Paunetto - Catalano (04:33)
  4. Bobby Vince Paunetto - Dragon Breath (04:45)
  5. Bobby Vince Paunetto - Mediterraneo (03:52)
  6. Bobby Vince Paunetto - Little Ricco's Theme (06:41)
  7. Bobby Vince Paunetto - Delta (06:57)
  8. Bobby Vince Paunetto - Coral (05:00)
  9. Bobby Vince Paunetto - Good Bucks (04:58)

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