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Bill Evans Conversations With Myself (1963)
Jazz purists took a dim view, as late as the time of this recording of such artificial\n\nmanipulation of overdubbing - though Sidney Bechet's one-man band experiment \n\ndate to 1941. For Bill Evans, however, a three-way exchange amongst his separate \n\npiano tracks was a logical extension of the give and take he encouraged in his bass\n\nand drum trios.\n\nIn fact, three parts played by one musician would have an even closer rapport than \n\na trio of players he reasoned.\n\nAnd so, the groundbreaking Conversations, As original and breathtaking now as it was \n\n35 years ago.\n\n\n\nVerve - Master Edition\n\n YEAR: 1963
This jazz cd contains 10 tracks and runs 44min 0sec.
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  1. Bill Evans - 'Round Midnight (06:33)
  2. Bill Evans - How About You? (02:50)
  3. Bill Evans - Spartacus Love Theme (05:11)
  4. Bill Evans - Blue Monk (04:34)
  5. Bill Evans - Stella By Starlight (04:54)
  6. Bill Evans - Hey, There (04:30)
  7. Bill Evans - N.Y.C.'S No Lark (05:35)
  8. Bill Evans - Just You, Just Me (02:37)
  9. Bill Evans - Bemsha Swing (02:58)
  10. Bill Evans - A Sleepin' Bee (04:12)

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