Various: Jazziz Magazine On Disc (October 1995) CD Track Listing

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Various Jazziz Magazine On Disc (October 1995) (1995)
Exclusive CD available only from JAZZIZ Magazine.\nThe October 1995 issue.
This jazz cd contains 10 tracks and runs 49min 41sec.
Freedb: 800ba30a


: Music



  1. Joey Calderazzo - Secrets (05:38)
    by Joey Calderazzo\non "Secrets"\n(AudioQuest Music)
  2. Charlie Hunter Trio - Greasy Granny (04:53)
    by the Charlie Hunter Trio\non "Bing, Bing, Bing!"\n(Blue Note)
  3. Brasilia - A Chamada Do Rio (04:49)
    by Brasilia\non "River Wide"\n(Kokopelli Records)
  4. Marc Copland Quintet - Footprints (04:46)
    by the Marc Copland Quintet\non "Stompin with Savoy"\n(Savoy Jazz)
  5. Arturo Sandoval - Colors of the Wind (04:05)
    by Arturo Sandoval\non "Arturo Sandoval and the Latin Train"\n(GRP)
  6. Abbey Lincoln - Throw it Away (05:39)
    by Abbey Lincoln\non "A Turtle's Dream"\n(Verve Records)
  7. Marion Meadows - Body Rhythm (05:51)
    by Marion Meadows\non "Body Rhythm"\n(RCA Records)
  8. Cesaria Evora - Petit Pays (03:45)
    by Cesaria Evora\non "Cesaria Evora"\n(Nonesuch)
  9. J. Spencer - Close to You (05:24)
    by J. Spencer\non "Blue Moon"\n(Mojazz)
  10. Dancing Fantasy - Daydreamer (04:44)
    by Dancing Fantasy\non "Day Dream"\n(IC/Digital Music GmbH)

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