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VA A Flash of '29
\n(P)+(C) 1992 Phontastic\n\nPhontastic\nPHONT CD 7608\n
This jazz cd contains 20 tracks and runs 61min 38sec.
Freedb: 240e7014


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  1. VA - Some of These Days (03:15)
    Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra with vocal refrain\n(Brooks)\n
  2. VA - If I Had A Talking Picture of You (02:59)
    Bing Crosby with Paul Whiterman and His Orchestra\n(DeSylva, Brown, Henderson)\n
  3. VA - Mess-A-Stomp (02:41)
    Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouts of Joy\n(M. L. Williams)\n
  4. VA - Louise (02:56)
    Franke Trumbauer & His Orchestra\n(Robin, Whiting)\n
  5. VA - Dinah (03:15)
    Red Nichols and His Five Pennies\n(Akst, Lewis, Young)\n
  6. VA - Singin' in The Rain (03:29)
    The Dorsey Brothers' Orchestra, Voc. Irving Kaufman\n(Freed, Brown)\n
  7. VA - Button Up Your Overcoat (02:54)
    Annette Hanshaw voc. accomp. by The New Englanders\n(DeSylva, Brown, Henderson)\n
  8. VA - I Can't Give You Anything But Love (03:34)
    Louis Armstrong and His Savoy Ballroom Five with vocal Refrain\n(Fields, McHugh)\n
  9. VA - Honey (03:01)
    Mills Merry Makers (B. Goodman cl, Jimmy Mc Partland c,Jack Teagarden tb, Scrappy Lambert vocc. et al)\n(Simsons, Gillespie, Whiting)\n
  10. VA - WOnt' You Get Off It, Please? (03:02)
    Fats Waller and his Buddies\n(Thos, Waller)\n
  11. VA - Muskrat Scramble (02:12)
    Bennie Goodman's Boys\n(Orig)\n
  12. VA - Every Day Blues (03:05)
    Benny Moten's Kansas City Orchestra\n(Moten, Durham)\n
  13. VA - After You're Gone (02:38)
    Bing Crosby with Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra\n(Creamer, Layton)\n
  14. VA - Black and Blue (03:26)
    The Jungle Band (= D. Ellington and His Orchestra)\n(Razaf, Brooks, Waller)\n
  15. VA - When You're Smiling (03:31)
    Lous Armstrong and His Orchestra with vocal refrain\n(Fisher, Goodwin, Shay)\n
  16. VA - Wang Wang Blues (03:02)
    Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra\n(Mueller, Johnson, wood, Busse)\n
  17. VA - I'm A Dreamer, Aren't We All? (03:01)
    Annette Hanshaw voc. accomp. by The Three Blue Streaks\n(DeSylva, Brown, Henderson)\n
  18. VA - Everybody Loves My Baby (03:15)
    Earl Hines and His Orchestra, Hot Dance Orchestra, voc. E. Hines\n(Palmer, Williams)\n
  19. VA - Bashful Baby (02:48)
    Ben Pollack and His Park Central Orchestra, voc. Burt Lorin\n(Friend, Silver)\n
  20. VA - Jersey Lightning (03:20)
    Luis Russell And His Orchestra\n(L. Russell)\n

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