Various Artists: Wildflowers:The New York Loft Sessions 3 CD Track Listing

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Various Artists Wildflowers:The New York Loft Sessions 3
1977, 1995 Gravity / Douglas 30 00 352\nRecorded May 14 thru May 23, 1976 at Studio Rivbea, 24 Bond Street, New York, NY\n\n\n *leader\n
This jazz cd contains 5 tracks and runs 60min 50sec.
Freedb: 2d0e4005


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  1. Various Artists - Push Pull (05:35)
    Jimmy Lyons* -alto sax\nKaren Borca -bassoon\nHayes Burnett -bass\nHenry Maxwell Letcher -drums\n
  2. Various Artists - Zaki (09:55)
    Oliver Lake* -alto sax\nMichael Gregory Jackson -electic guitar\nFred Hopkins -bass\nPhillip Wilson -drums\n
  3. Various Artists - Shout Song (02:49)
    David Murray* -tenor sax\nOlu Dara -trumpet, flugelhorn\nFred Hopkins -bass\nStanley Crouch -drums\n\n
  4. Various Artists - Something's Cookin' (17:07)
    Sunny Murray & The Untouchable Factor:\nSunny Murray* -drums\nDavid Murray -tenor sax\nByard Lancaster -alto sax, flute\nKhan Jamal -vibes\nFred Hopkins -bass\n
  5. Various Artists - Chant (25:21)
    Roscoe Mitchell* -alto sax\nJerome Cooper -percussion, saw, drums\nDon Moye -drums\n

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