Charlie Petitt: Umm... CD Track Listing

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Charlie Petitt Umm... (2007)
(P) 2007 Ummamum Music
This jazz cd contains 10 tracks and runs 37min 33sec.
Freedb: 9308cb0a


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  1. Charlie Petitt - When I'm Away (04:24)
    Love song in a pop-rock style.
  2. Charlie Petitt - Thank You for My Wife (03:52)
    Easy listening. A prayer of thanks and love.
  3. Charlie Petitt - I'm the Umm (02:39)
    A cute little ditty about the Ummamum (UMM-a-mum), a goofy guy with a green face that tries to cheer you up when bad times get you down.
  4. Charlie Petitt - Wendi (03:11)
    Emotional love song written for a wedding in 1982.
  5. Charlie Petitt - He's Not Here (03:29)
    Lively Christian jazz number about the resurrection of Christ. Written especially for Easter.
  6. Charlie Petitt - I Will Praise You (03:42)
    Harmony-driven Christian song with deep lyrics.
  7. Charlie Petitt - Hopelessly in Love (04:24)
    Passionate love song in an expressive vocal style.
  8. Charlie Petitt - Autumn Breeze (03:24)
    Folk-classical fusion; laments our frenzy-paced society.
  9. Charlie Petitt - Noxious Fumes (03:23)
    Energetic rock song about a breakup. Clever lyrics.
  10. Charlie Petitt - I'm Not Stopping (04:59)
    It's all about determination. Catchy tune.

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