Don Cherry: Eternal Now CD Track Listing

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Don Cherry Eternal Now (1973)
\n\nRecorded APril/May, 1973\nStudio Decibel, Stockholm, Sweden\n\nDon Cherry: H'suan, Dastar, gong, piano, vocal, harmonium,Rkan-dung, Gamelan)\nBengt Berger: Tibetan bell, African finger piano, piano, Mridangam, tibetan cymbals, small bells\nChrister Both


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  1. Don Cherry - Gamla Stan - The Old Town by Night (08:32)
  2. Don Cherry - Love Train (07:53)
  3. Don Cherry - Bass Figure for Ballatune (Two pianos and three piano players) (03:49)
  4. Don Cherry - Moving Pictures for the Ear (09:44)
  5. Don Cherry - Tibet (07:58)

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